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Only You.

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Got a
GOT 3,00,000
Are You A
Spray &

Is “spillage” the core concept of your marketing spends?

Honestly, not a great place to be.

It’s time to smarten up.
It’s time to be seen where your consumers are.

It’s time to leverage Glocal Digital Technology.

We Are


Glocalised, Innovative, Customised &    

ROI Driven Digital Marketing Solutions.


A glocalised solution is simply a world-class
solution, that is customised to a very specific
technological / regional / cultural / linguistic /
other LOCAL level of granularity.

What is it?

one It’s an ultra-light, regional, text & illustration based website for a brand that sells seeds to farmers in rural India.

two It’s Search Engine Optimisation with heavy leverage on online maps for an ice-cream parlour during the summer months.

threeIt’s running online ad campaigns for a men’s grooming brand, for shaving gels in North India and anti-frizz serums in Western India, during the monsoon months.

A Glocalised Solution then is much like Cinderella’s Shoe!
What fits one won’t fit anyone else.

How can you make your brand's marketing more effective? Given we’ve answered many
such questions leading to fantastic business results, we can definitely help you figure this out.
Search Visibility
If you didn’t see it, did it ever happen? Here is where we come in. We help you

be visible in the right place and at the right time.

Digital Re-Design
We help you be platform ready. The right information, in the right format, in the right

place and customised for a person on the web. No matter the OS, the browser or the device.

Business success on ROI metrics is non-negotiable. Our job is to help you finally

get the ROI you need, want, and sometimes dream of.

We Do

Well, the world of Digital Marketing is your oyster. Amazingly enough, this one oyster is constantly expanding with innovative and highly customised solutions for businesses to find, and then serve their customers in the most personalised and efficient manner possible.

Happily enough, we are in love with this business and our belief that Digital Solutions need to comprise upwards of 80% of any business’s marketing needs forms the core of what we do.

It’s this belief that has helped us create our own little digital wonders that have inspired others across the globe (and then turned them into partners for serving clients who we’ve never have, and probably never will meet.)

So partner with us, and let’s nurture your organisation’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem that makes sense to YOU.
Something that fits like that proverbial Cinderella’s Shoe!

  • We’ve been into Digital Marketing since Digital Marketing. Experience counts!
  • For highly customised solutions. Pick what suits, and works, for YOU!
  • Professionalism. Our working hours are IST based, but our output sits on precise timelines.
  • Domain know how. We’ve worked with a slew of clients across a multitude of industries. The requirements in each vary wildly, and have added to our experience that we can pull up for your benefit.
  • Conviction. Our belief is that the digital medium is going to transform our world more than we could have ever imagined is at the core of our being.
Be with someone who affects change, rather than be effected by it!

Leadership Team

Rakesh Tulsiani


Rakesh Tulsiani is the COO at Digitalabs. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and motivates his team with his commendable leadership skills. His love for tech, and soft-spoken demeanour establish him as the under-the-hood super processor that keeps the Digitalabs machine going. He has worked across industries, including Automobile, E-commerce, Government, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunication, Health Care, Electronics, Insurance, Media, FMCG, and Education.

Agam Chaudhary


Agam Chaudhary is the CMO at Digitalabs. He believes that dependable and superior customer experience trumps all other factors combined. He has led Digitalabs with a customer-centric philosophy over the years and delivered to brands that’ve consulted with him not only with returns on existing investments, but has helped them devise strategies to cope with rapid changes in digital technology. He has worked for several industries, including Automobile, E-commerce, Government, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunication, Health Care, Electronics, Insurance, Media, FMCG, and Education.

Let's Work Together?
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