14 Common Misconceptions about Social Media

Aug 08, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Some of the businessmen of today have the most common marketing misconceptions about social media. There is a lot of confusion as to how it’s beneficial for many businesses. If it is done with a strategy, it can clearly show the difference between a ready to move ahead business and a dull one.

Let’s find out some of the common misconceptions about Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms are similar to each other

Every social media platform differs from each other in terms of audience and the kind of content that is preferred. A B2B company will be more successful on Instagram than on Snapchat. Similarly, a creative organization would depend on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

All the platforms should be used to get the maximum

Time and money, both are important for a business. Thus, involving in an unnecessary platform that has not contact with the required audience will be of no use for the business. It is a strategy which is important to reach the desired audience. But rather than keeping inactive profiles, it is better to have one that can be used consistently.

Only the younger generation uses it

Social media is used by all age groups and Facebook itself as 1.23 billion users that are active on a daily basis around the world. It is used by most of the people irrelevant to age. 64 percent of the population using Facebook are over 12 years old.

Don’t require social media

Social media can be used to tell news about your industry. It keeps the customers updated regarding any new products launched. The platform binds you with your audience and builds a network with them. The number of profiles should depend on the resources available as it’s better not to keep the profiles inactive if they are not used.

Free of cost

Though the social media platforms are free of cost, the time and also the resources any company invests add to the cost. Social media platforms are also open to ads that can be placed on them. Thus to make the maximum use of the social media you are required to invest on them.

The returns of social media investments cannot be measured.Social media channels can give you data in multiple ways. Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Buffer are

software programs that let users schedule the date of their post and also collect information from social channels. The number of visitors to your website is measured by website analytics.

More Hashtags, more visibility

There should be relevant and engaging content to the interested audience. The fact is overusing hashtags annoy customers and the number of hashtags per post should be only 10 making the content accurate and concise.

Too much time is consumed in social media

It happens that when your project is just beginning, a lot of time is consumed in learning. But it actually gives you a direction and a system for content creation and a program for making posts. Once you settle on the schedule, it doesn’t take up any more time.

Negative feedback is bad for my business

Actually, the feedback that your business gets is valuable and if you do get a negative one, it should inspire you to improve. It’s a chance for improvement and you can use these opportunities by a quick response.

I won’t catch up with my competitors

Your presence on the social media platforms does not match with your competitors. Your product, customer service or your social responsibility should be very clear on the posts that you make on various Social Media Marketing platforms. Thus comparison of any kind should not be made. You should compare your goals with the performance you made on the social media.

The quantity of post matters more than quality

Customers are always looking for value and not how many times the posts are being done. A quality post will last longer in the minds of the audience rather than posting several times but none of them had the quality to be remembered.

Social media is just another trend

With technological advancement, new channels and devices may come up but the word of mouth the concept of marketing will probably never fade.

Social media does not include in my marketing plan

Every business does marketing as well as advertising campaigns for getting known and getting to know its customers. Your social media will have goals that would go hand in hand with the campaigns. Social media is actually used to distribute content that you have created as a part of your marketing campaign. It creates brand awareness and reaches out to multiple audiences instantly.

It’s a part of only the marketing strategy of my company

Social media is not just used for marketing but is an important component in hiring talented job searchers and also letting them know about the company. The customer service depends on it too for responding to the complaints or showing the positive reviews.

Therefore, social media is the most important and powerful tool for online marketing of your business. With the goals that are clear, social media can do wonders for your business and if you plan to start a digital marketing company in Delhi, you could reach the top.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 11 years. He specializes in crafting digital marketing solutions for brands in India and abroad, like LG Electronics, HT, Religare etc. Contact him at agam@digitalabs.in.


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