A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer!

Jun 03, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

A digital marketer’s day is not something which is planned to the T, and everything is calm and predetermined. Forget planners and a calming cup of chamomile and knowing precisely what needs to happen. No. If anything, it is the other end of the spectrum. Imagine a circus with bright colours, monkeys juggling, and magicians practising their tricks, and there is a burning smell, and you don’t exactly know where it is coming from. Mildly put, there are brainstorms, jokes, juggling between clients and employees, failed plans and detours and plan Bs and plan Cs. There is a LOT going on. So let us take a peek at how a day with our CMO, Agam Chaudhary looks does like. Buckle Up!

7 am: He grabs his morning cup of coffee while scrolling through his Instagram feed. Being ‘in the know’ about the latest going-ons in the digital ecosystem is imperative to a digital marketer. He goes through the industry heads’ social profiles and makes a mental note of inspirational pieces.

10 am: He reaches his office and does a daily check-in with the different departments about the deliverables. This is the time where any impending struggles are brought out, and solutions and alternatives are discussed. Being hands-on is essential as it gives him a better glimpse of how exactly the different parts of the machinery is functioning.

12 pm: He heads out for a marketing meeting with a probable client. This client is really a hard nut to crack and getting that pitch locked down will be a game-changer. The team has been preparing for a week for the pitch presentation, and this is finally the moment.

2 pm: The presentation went really well, and Agam has a celebratory lunch with the sales executive. They discussed over lunch the intricacies of the meeting and the plan for the next meeting fixed for a week.

4 pm: He is calling in a brainstorming session with the seo company in chennai social media team for a client’s social media strategy. Ideas were being flung around the meeting room, and the creative crackle was high and almost electric.

7 pm: He drives his way home as he prepares mentally for an overseas conference call with a client at 9 pm IST. The day is far from being over!

9:15 pm: The call just ended, and he is officially logging off for the day. Being in the digital field means always being connected, but he deliberates and keeps his phone aside and rewinds with some mindless television. The day was over, and he has to do it again tomorrow!

Did that keep you scrambling to keep up or what! Working in a digital marketing agency is a circus and a half, but it takes a special talent to put forward a breathtaking show every time, micromanaging behind the scenes when that the tiger is sick, and the clown is grumpy, without letting a wrinkle show. It also means rolling with the punches, being flexible and going as the day takes you!


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