All about Amazon`s new Sizmek`s Ad Server.

Jun 11, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani


With Amazon closing the deal and acquiring Sizmek`s Ad server and DCO (Dynamic content optimization) business recently, the advertisers get to celebrate implausible advantage. This acquisition is of significant value not only for marketers but for Amazon to prove its dominance in ad serving and creative mastery. After Sizmek filed for bankruptcy on March 29, its ad server, demand-side platform along with data management platform were open for the taking and Amazon didn`t miss the opportunity of letting the champions of ad serving business besides Google and Facebook slip from their hands, though the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed. Through this business deal, Amazon passes on clear messages to rivals like Google and Facebook that this e-commerce giant is here to rule the market and survive any cut-throat competition.

Amazon declared in a statement, `Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek DCO [Sizmek Dynamic Creative Optimization] will operate separately from Amazon Advertising for the time being. We look forward to working with the team, and we`ll share more updates as we invent and create new opportunities to better serve our advertisers over time.`  With this, they have set course to outdo Google by enabling marketers to use rich data of what their customers buy and search, and target buyers by running personalised ads in accordance to the consumer`s data.

Up next and Beyond!

In a short time span, Amazon advertising has proven to be a valuable platform, a few advertisers believe it to be mediocre, but this deal with Sizmek is expected to give Amazon`s ad business an edge and some lightning speed. The advertisers now can use Amazon`s trove of data from searches and purchases and target audience beyond Amazon and its closed walls as the company will be now able to deliver ads through third-party ad server using its data management platform. Joshua Kreitzer, founder and CEO of Channel Bakers, an agency with expertise in Amazon advertising, says, `Sizmek`s ad server will help them provide advertisers with more robust dynamic creative placements.`

Amazon is already an established business; however, the quest to offer unique solutions drives the company to make beneficial investments and use their in-depth knowledge, data and tech to be the market leaders. For the marketers out there, you can just hold your breath and wait for the endless opportunities you can explore with this strong player of the display advertising world.


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