Are social media stories the new ad machines?

Apr 09, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Instagram stories! The sneak peeks into people`s lives which gives us a false sense of security that we know them. What are they wearing? What are they doing? Where is that picture perfect breakfast from? Ooh, are they on vacation? Aw, that`s a cute cat that she has there!

Admit it; it`s a fun exercise! There is something about stories that is something that people scroll through on auto-pilot. They are less `official` that an Instagram post is, and much more relaxed, making them a favorite among the youth. However, if you are following a lot of brands and influencers, you will notice that ads have slipped into the social media stories as well. There was no way around it. Social media stories had so much of traffic up for grabs that the marketers had to tap that potential!  However, the way ads are handled in social media stories is much different from your usual ads. Let us take a deep dive into the world of `stories`.

Poll it! Yes or No?

The polls in social media stores are an easy way to involve your audience into your brand. A simple poll can give them a sense of power and make them feel like they have a decision making advantage. You said `Yes` to that poll, and you matter! Is that not exhilarating? Also, it is easy enough for most people to get involved in, as it just takes a second to press that button.

Shoutouts and plugins

Practiced both by public figures and brands alike,  you will see ads morphed as subtle shoutouts and plugins. This does not shout `THIS IS AN AD`, but still, get the message across. Is it a coincidence, that an influencer just happens to be listening to audible in the story, and having one of those fit teas? We think not! And it does work, for what it`s worth.  

Exclusive sales and offers

Getting first-hand access to exclusive sales and offers of a brand makes one feel like an A-lister getting exclusive access to a yacht party, more or less. The exclusivity gives one that special high. It makes the audience of a brand feel important, and they pay back by providing them with brand loyalty! Win-win!

Social following

Social media stories enable a brand to be expressive and create their own vibe and collect their own tribe! Since the youth in more active on the social media stories, the brands take this opportunity to create an identity within the community, stirring up a feeling of belongingness!

The youth is high on these short-termed collapsible content, and the brands are taking advantage of the same, and procuring ads specifically for these channels. So, if you see an influencer casually mentioning a face mask or a lipstick that they totally love, you know what is happening here. Brands are doing random giveaways and contests, and public figure giving shout outs to brands and offering discount codes. Not only stories provide a more casual chill vibe to the communication, it essentially bridges the gap between a brand and its audience/customers, giving them a better leeway to communicate and connect!

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