Are you harnessing the power of right LinkedIn Features for your B2B Campaign?

May 14, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

So, you have come up with the perfect campaign for your brand. That is excellent, but a great campaign needs even greater platform utilization to succeed. What started as a platform for employees seeking to connect with potential employers has now become a hub for campaigning and digital marketing. Yes, we`re talking about LinkedIn, a platform that is the love interest of every corporate mastermind. 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn, making this platform a tremendous tool for marketers. LinkedIn can be overwhelming at times, but it`s a land that one has to conquer for a successful marketing campaign. We`ve compiled a list of features (bonus: tips on how to utilize those features) and even third-party tools to enhance your B2B marketing campaign.

1: It is time to have a talk with your employees.

Don`t get us wrong, we`re not talking about that talk. It is an unspoken truth that your employees` LinkedIn pages have more reach than your own brand`s. The basic formula for a successful campaign is more visibility and diversity. Encourage your employees to share content on their pages as it will definitely increase traffic on your website and blogs. Apart from numbers, employee advocacy adds a more human touch to the whole process.

2: Sponsored Updates for the win

Sponsored updates can do really well if they`re carefully crafted. 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for generating leads. But there is a catch; your content needs to be of top-notch quality for it to attract professionals. If your marketing campaign features mind-blowing content, sponsoring that content will definitely cause your updates to blow up.

3: eLink Pro

Third-party tools can also be a boon if chosen and utilized smartly. eLink Pro is one such tool which just demands a few keywords from your side and does all the work itself. It will get the right prospects for your brand (download them to excel), attracts your target audience with links back to your page and even engages with your prospects on Twitter. Talk about a wholesome software!

4: Leadfeeder

Every page has those visitors who don`t stick around. It can be painful to watch these lost leads go untapped. Leadfeeder is the ointment that can soothe this pain of yours. Just hook your Google Analytics account up with Leadfeeder, and it will track these lost leads down. Not only does it serve you data on a silver platter but it also eliminates spammers and scammers, thanks to its built-in filter.

5: Who doesn`t love experts?

A good advice regarding experts on LinkedIn is to follow those who are relevant to your brand. A great advice regarding the same is to become one. Post information-heavy and educating material on your feed and build an image for your brand. This feat will require excellent blogging skills (like me, heh. Okay, sorry.), extensive research and a unique tone. An alternative to this can be hiring a good agency like yours truly, Digitalabs to do this work for you.

LinkedIn can be your brand`s best friend if it is utilized properly.


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