Best Designed Websites around the Globe

Jul 19, 2017
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Every now and then, while browsing through the internet we come across a website that changes the way we look at websites and its designing. Who would not like an aesthetically and artistically appealing piece of art? The same goes in case of websites. An artistically and imaginative website is sure to pull more visitors and have higher rates of conversion of traffic. This is the reason why beautiful websites compel visitors to go back again and again.

Time and again, we see a website, which has all the dimensions- design aesthetic, usability, interactivity, sound design, and value that the site provides, it is a pure delight to stumble across such a masterpiece. The following countdown follows a list of websites that serve a unique purpose. While one site might be a superb case of visual interaction, another might be a magnificent case of intelligence. This implies not all of these websites are “transformation machines” or blueprint thoughts that one can copy over to his/her own website. Or maybe, they’re incredible approaches to increase some web architecture motivation and see the front line advertising that is going on in the various corners of the web.

Ice & Sky

Take the strides of Luc Jacquet as Wild-Touch takes you along this visual and instructive trip about the historical backdrop of worldwide environmental change. A blend of authentic media and special liveliness help recount the story. It has an interactive interface which makes it lively and real-like.

World of SWISS

SWISS airlines have an unimaginably immersive website that recounts their story and portrays what it is like to fly with them – and they essentially and excessively showed awesomeness with regards, which cannot be ignored. Solid visuals and liveliness acquaint the client with various segments of the website that are packed with data past the typical deals and showcasing pitch that is so basic today.


Minimus adopts an exceptionally intense strategy to the way that they show their substance, utilising a grid based web design, enormous typography, and full-width, excellent quality pictures. Their site fills in as a truly pleasant case for how to appropriately execute a grid structure while as yet keeping up a decent visual chain of command in the outline.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya is a Product Designer with a moderate portfolio that exhibits his work through solid photography and unpretentious liveliness. His full site was initially made in Japanese and afterwards converted into English, showing the global adaptability of his outline.

Big Cartel

In spite of being a large organisation, Big Cartel makes an extremely basic, direct, and convincing experience by driving with a creative headline, a video, and basically nothing else. Basic route and pleasant cases of locales made with their platform filled in as supporting substance that recounts whatever remains of the story.

Inside Abbey Road

Google thumped it out of the recreation centre with this exceedingly intuitive site, which enables clients to venture into the Abbey Road Studios. Splendid sound design, route mechanics, and visuals blended with the standard thing “Google flair” all assistance attract guests to this well-made site.

JOHO’s Bean

The website for JOHO’s Bean has an unbelievable imagery, intuitiveness, narrating, visual design, and a large portion of all, sound engineering. These all meet up to make a convincing, passionate, and connecting website that recounts the story of a coffee bean’s journey.

These websites have managed to make a difference in the domain of design and influence. Designing of a website needs a lot of inspection. If the message behind the website is well reachable, if it is user-friendly, if it targets the audience in a correct manner, etc. are some of the factors which are needed to remember before constructing a website. While there are millions of websites which are getting designed right now in various digital marketing agencies in India, these are some of the websites which have made a mark on its visitors.

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. Contact him at


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