Brands that included their audiences in their stories and made big!

Apr 16, 2019
by Digitalabs

The days when one used to worship the brand blindly are officially over. Let's go over this in a more easy metaphor. The relationship of a brand and the users were more like the fan and the band a few decades back. Fascinating but not accessible. Like a one-sided love affair. Now? Not so much. It is more like that of a band and a groupie. They have all access tags now, and back-entry passes and are in the know-how of all the activities of a band. They hang out with the band in the parties and follow them around in a tour. They are INVESTED! Likewise, when the brand decides to include the audience in their social media, they lose their calm.


Who hates being a part of the creation process? It gives you more boast points and lets the followers get a peek at the whole production process. Nike used this tactic to create a healthy competitive environment between their followers and engaging them in a way which was more active than passive. The winner of the contest gets a reward which they helped to create! How amazing is that?

The New York Times

In the gloom and the dark times, The New York Times engages the followers to ‘share the good news’. This distracts one from all the negativity and promotes happiness and happy endings. Each story is depicted in an easy to read format with simple captions, making them a snack-sized portion of happiness!


Get people talking by using a hashtag and break down the barriers between brand and customers. MeUndies uses a variety of hashtags to get the audience excited, inspired, talking and sharing. This is the oldest trick in the box and the most useful, as it gets your followers involved by doing the required minimum.


Glossier is tapping into the same feelings that you feel when you ask your best friend for her help so that you can choose the perfect dress. Just the right mix of authoritative and relatable, Glossier’s Instagram stories are like tips and tricks from a fashionable older sister/BFF, who knows what she is talking about.

Social media is something which is more inclusive now than it used to be. Since the audience has more of short-span attention nowadays, the brands have to try extra hard to keep them hooked. So every brand is trying to create a more intimate bond with their audience, by making them a part of their brand image. If you are brand with a huge following, you better start making way for including them in your brand presence. You will be surprised by where it will lead, and you get to have groupies on the way too!  


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