Creating an environment where your office becomes everyone`s second home.

Apr 26, 2019
by Digitalabs

Remember that time when your employees were so eager to work for two days straight and insisted that they will stay back and get the work done because they had fun doing it? Yeah, us neither! In any office, the employees need to feel motivated and inspired so that they look forward to coming back every day for the new tasks and challenges that lie ahead. It should not be because of the cheque they receive at the end of every month. Although, in all honesty, that looks like a pretty good reason too.

However, the simple truth is if you have a boring office you will never attract the best talent. Jazz it up, put the lights on and shimmy! Doing small changes at the workplace can have a positive impact on your employee`s productivity and make you the infallible competitor everybody dreads in the industry. So, what are these little things that give everybody in the office the joy and keeps the ambition of doing something productive day after day alive?

Praise And Recognition Don`t Hurt!

Imagine Batman protecting everybody in Gotham from the bad and getting zero recognition! Instead of the bat symbol the last message we would see flashing is `I Quit` just like the employees quitting their jobs when they are not praised or recognised for their hard work. Praising your employees if they have succeeded in achieving something valuable for your company will boost their morale and encourage others to follow the trail. When they know their work and values are treasured here, they will be happily dragging their laptops to work instead of their posterior.

Free Goodies Never Disappoint

It`s not a bribe we are suggesting! But who doesn`t love free cookies or coffee or lunch or anything that`s FREE! It could be anything, maybe free parking or free gym membership. Even these little benefits help create a happy work environment telling your employees you care!

Smiling Co-workers

If the co-workers do not get along well even the caffeine punch early morning cannot help you with your day ahead. For a friendly working environment, your employees should interact with each other, smile more at one another and be there to help others when in need.  


At Digitalabs we bank on this one. For a profitable outcome, your employee must be able to arrange their work schedule that matches with their busy lives. Maybe somebody is comfortable working in the wee hours of the day, while others get the job done during the office hours. As long as the deadlines are met, there is no point stressing over getting the work done at a fixed time. Flexible working hours keeps the stress away from your employees, and you get the best results when they work at their convenience.

A Personalized Space

Trust us; your employees are going to love the liberty of organizing and decorating their workspace. Putting up relatable quotations, family pictures, wallpapers are going to make them more attached to their work and workstation. Also, it will enable positive, happy energy to flow in the office all day along.

Implement these ideas to create a happy and productive environment at the office. These practices will help you create a comfortable workplace your employees will love to come back at the end of the day.  


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