Culture fit hiring: A boon or a ban?

May 17, 2019
by Digitalabs

When you imagine a successful company or a brand, what do you imagine it to be, per se, a herd of sheep bleating in unison `whatever the other one says` or a pack of wolves with work ethics and who knows their job so well as well as their opinion? I am not saying that having common goals or a common mission will take you down, but, that does not mean that you will hire a herd of sheep who you know will never have their opinion and will follow the same trail blindly for achieving success. Hiring people that match your brand`s DNA is the easiest way to do so, unless, you are ready to venture the other side of the field where success comes in various width and length. Here are a few things that should back up the theory that culture fit is not the best way to do it.

Let us talk about cultural diversity

If you hire people who will fit into your brand`s persona, you will end up with a platter of endless people who speaks, sing and dances the same way as you. But, where is the diversity? Wouldn`t it be more interesting to hire a pack of crayons which will fill your canvas (brand) with different colours or the twelve crayons that are of the same hue?

Different takes on successful mantras

For every mission, for every goal, multiple ways and paths can be undertaken. If you and your pack of people believe in `my way or the highway`, then, may God save you when there is a slight diversion in your plan, then everything goes haywire! Instead, have ten different people with Plan B under their sleeve that can be your lifeline at crisis.

Penetrating deeper than surface level

Try to believe in the approach of a person to solve an issue rather than believing in his past experience. There is no use of having five different `perfect` people with A-grade experience with the same approach, because, history has it that when there is big havoc, rather than the A-graders, it is always an underdog that saves the day.

Never miss out on the fun

Can you imagine the fun that one will have working with people that come from diverse backgrounds and has various experiences with their lives? Imagine going on an annual trip with this crazy bunch of intelligent people? Undoubtedly, the thrill and fun will be unmatched and give you the experience of talking and thinking about it for the rest of the year.

Hence, culture fit hiring is strictly a bane. This does not mean that working for a common motive and goal is a vice, but, you can always train the hired people to understand the brand`s DNA and come up with ten different ways of achieving the same. Your brand will be blessed with not only diversity but, will be added with colours and experiences like never before.

There are many hiring agencies in Delhi and across the nation that can help you find the right fit for a job. These hiring agencies know what they are looking for and understand a person`s potential, instead of finding a person with experience, it will provide your experience from that very person.


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