Did your brand logo expire and you don’t know about that?

Apr 25, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Does your brand logo remind the public of World War I? How the world used to be back in the cavemen period? The age of the empires? Imagine walking into a home that was decorated back in the 70s. Wouldn`t you feel the outdated vibe that still dwells in the house? Then, why should your brand logo suffer the same outdated vibe when it speaks for your brainchild? Just like you do not want your fashion taste to be seen as stuck in the 80s, your logo needs a desperate update. An outdated logo not only repels the audience or prospective customers, but it also gives an idea that your brand uses age-old methods and tactics in the business. Here are some other reasons why you do not want your brand to be called a dinosaur.

Do you get lost in the competition?

Human beings are naturally attracted to beautiful things. So, you might end up losing your business to someone who has a cooler way of approaching while offering the same, if not lesser, products and services as you are. All this for what? A logo?

Why aren`t you re-establishing trust?

While your competition is taking over your market, where you used to be the declared the king, it is time you reestablish the faith your customer had in you. Your customers are selfish, and why wouldn`t they be? If they see a fancy candy and an outdated candy at the same price, what on earth were you expecting them to buy?

Is your target audience running in the opposite direction?

Do not blame the customers if they are getting smitten by the new toy your competitor is offering. Blame it on your brand`s age-old logo and tagline that desperately needs attention! Don`t make your customer run in the opposite direction, and instead invest in adaption with the latest tech and creation.

You are not a tree and nor is your brand.  You change and evolve with time, and so does your brand. Redesigning your logo with creative minds will stand for all the new beliefs and virtues along with the updated tech your brand stands for. It never fails to appeal to your customers as they are thrilled to see something new with their trusted brand, along with appealing new ones with all the revamp and innovation.


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