Does your pastry shop need Twitter? Find the best social channels for your brand!

May 06, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

Social media marketing can make or break a brand in a blink. Anyone who has not realized the immense potential of social media platforms in the context of digital marketing is living under a rock. But are all social media platforms suitable for every business? Does a pastry shop really need its own twitter handle? Maybe it does, but before jumping to conclusions, careful analyses of one’s own business and different social media platforms are vital to come up with an effective social media marketing strategy. And the Lord said, let there be analysis: and there was analysis.

Conserving resources – money doesn’t grow on trees

Time is money, and money is a very important resource. Approaching social media marketing with great enthusiasm is a good thing, but exhausting one’s resources in an attempt to cover all social media platforms is counterproductive. Tweeting about your pastries won’t do you much good, but uploading their mouth-watering photos with a witty caption on Instagram might just give your business the push it needs. Every platform requires a different marketing strategy, developed with the specific brand’s needs and the particular platform’s capabilities and limitations in mind.  

The target audience – lock, load and fire

The kind of social media platform which will resonate with your business depends upon your target audience. Most of the youth in India has switched from Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat in recent years. Brands like H&M, which specifically target the youth, have solidified their position on Instagram. Starbucks, on the other hand, engages and includes the audience in their promotional campaigns by encouraging customers to upload their own photos. This engagement is made easier due to Instagram’s smart algorithm and heavy emphasis on the visuals.

Cooking up strategies – best served fresh

Before jumping into platform and running ads like crazy, one needs to have a strategy. A strategy which will give the business its definite shape or voice. Wendy’s twitter handle is famous for roasting its competitors and even its customers! But their sarcastic image only made an impact on twitter because of its interface and structure that enable short and witty textual tweets/replies.

H&M, Starbucks, Nike focus on the visual aspect of their brands, and therefore have made Instagram the nucleus of their digital marketing strategy.

Visual focus – eyeing the eyes

If your business relies heavily on visuals then Instagram and Snapchat might prove more effective in your digital marketing scheme. Clothing brands, food companies, etc. benefit more with these platforms. B2B marketing which targets social media influencers also goes hand-in-hand with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Although, snapchat requires a slightly different approach because one needs a certain number of followers before the advertising can be effective.

The professional approach

For effective B2B and B2E (brand to employee) digital marketing, LinkedIn is perhaps the best platform in the market. Its professional nature sets it apart from other social media platforms and if your business aims to target the corporate section, other brands, or to build brand equity, LinkedIn might be the platform to invest your resources in.

Do you need more tools?

If you’re keen on the resources that a platform offers for digital marketing then Facebook is the best option. Its immense inventory encompasses a plethora of resources that would, if used correctly, boost your business like no other platform. But one thing that your business will need before surfing on big waves of Facebook marketing is a blog. Like twitter, Facebook complements links to external websites and blogs.

Not all platforms might suit to your business or brand, and to escape the doom of ineffective social media marketing, you need a good strategy. A strategy that can solidify your business/brand’s position on the digital space without exhausting your resources.


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