Employee motivation which does not necessarily involve free beer!

Jun 07, 2019
by Digitalabs

Gone are the dark ages and the times when slavery was the only cool! Modern times are evolving in the speed of light, and so are the modes of work. If your pretty precious employee does not get what he or she wants, the next bus stop is not far away, which is eager to adopt him and give him the opportunity he or she deserves! After all, the choice between a workspace that inspires and a workspace that wants you to punch through drywall is not that tough. Since, everything around you changing, so is the case with employees` wants and behaviour. The days when people used to be happy with the little wages they earn at the end of each day ended, and the evolving millennials want it big and jobs that satisfy their souls along with the money. Classic employee motivation strategies for job satisfaction along with the beaten to death employee engagement strategies will not really work in today`s world.

Here are some things about how employee motivation scene is changing:

Not pay cheques but purposes

They want a job that satisfies their souls, not their pockets. This is the reason why they are travelling so often, doing social work, and finding the purpose of their very own existence. You have to be supportive in this journey along with handling their paychecks.


Not cash backs but rewards

Millennials and Gen Z are the generations that were raised in the great depression, and they know how the world works from their surroundings. So, instead of trying to fool them with brownie points, give them rewards that prove their credibility.

Don`t boss, but coach

They want a coach that helps them to mentor their own life and create an environment for advancement. They want a mentor who is experienced, honest and transparent. Instead of being told about what to do, the employees would want to know why and how to do it.


Team and solo

The area of work is very grey as the young generation wants to work together in a team along with being utterly competitive in their niches and designations. So, this is a very tricky area to play, as they want to be recognised individually along with working hard to make their team win.

Rather than giving them Ted talks and free meals, employee job satisfaction for the younger generation comes with a lot of ifs and buts. Creating an environment where the employees feel motivated even during the year ending goals and targets is a task that is not easy. And hence, giving away free beers as part of your employee engagement strategy is not going to work going by the changing trends.

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