Facebook: Monetisation and Management Becomes More Accessible With Latest Creator Studio Updates

Nov 29, 2019
by Digitalabs

Hello Content Creators! Are you missing out on the latest updates introduced by Facebook? 
In case, you are still unaware; the social media giant recently announced that they are soon going to roll out monetization and management updates making content optimization more simple for video creators and publishers. If creating valuable content came across as a serious challenge earlier, it won’t be now with easily accessible content data.
Through a descriptive blog post on the official website, Facebook’s Video Product Manager Kate Orseth and Head of Creator and Publisher Experience Jeff Birkeland explained how the creators and advertisers can now track their content’s performance through detailed insight.
  • The Traffic Source Insights - their new metric for data visualization will show the precise content distribution across the platform to the creators and publishers.

  • Now a business page will be able to identify how long people are engaging with their videos and the average time they are spending across four principal sources: Followers, Shares, Recommended and Paid. Better management tools are only going to boost up creativity and introduce better opportunities to the creators.

  • Besides these enhancements in the Creator Studio, they are going to launch new features to publish Instagram content from desktop. Their Tag Instagram Accounts will enable creators to tag photos in the feed or within carousel posts effortlessly. Their paid partnership posts will make the process simple for tagged brand partners to review the reach and engagement. They can find the data on the insight section of their brand’s Facebook page.

Wait! There’s More…

They are also planning to expand their Brands Collab Manager. Creators from over 40 countries can apply for access to this tool, but there are individual boxes they need to check to qualify.
It doesn’t end here; they have big plans for the coming months to improve the organic and paid insights. Advertisers, keeping a tab on the performance of your branded content posts is going to be so much better!
As content creators, we are really excited to try the latest updates. Aren't you?

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