Fun Icebreakers For The Newbies In Your Office!

May 10, 2019
by Digitalabs

No matter how big your office is, no matter how swanky your brand is, no matter how many employees you have, EVERY OFFICE HIT MUNDANE`O CLOCK! The new guy in the IT department who would not talk to anyone? The girl with those big nerdy glasses? The guy with a big stitch pasted all over his forehead? Want to know all of them? It is like everyone had their own journey, and something is interesting about every person, and icebreakers just help to bring out the best experiences to the table. Icebreakers help to motivate people to bring out their best talents even in the most boring environment. It helps to create a sense of well-being (even if it's short-lived) even in the most mundane office ecosystem.

Here are some of the greatest icebreakers to make that shy guy in the corner talk:

Two Truths And One Lie

New people joined in? Even better. Gather everyone and randomly ask each and everyone to state two truths and one lie about themselves. Let the other people start guessing which ones are true and which one is false. It is a great way to know the past experiences of everyone and break the big ice.

No Smiling

Ask everyone to keep a straight face and that there will be no tolerance for smiling. Then slyly pass a comment or a joke. The one who laughs first loses the game. This will straightaway drive everyone gasping for air within minutes and break the awkwardness.


Split the entire floor into different groups and pairs and ask each of them to write something silly about themselves. The sillier, the better. Then shuffle all the chits in the chit-bowl. Then randomly ask people to pick a chit and guess who did it loud and clear.

What’s Your Theme Song?

Everyone love movies and series! Ask the employees to imagine the entire setup as a movie scene. Now, what will be playing in the background when they enter the scene? You can use this for later information, as in to celebrate little and big achievements of each employee during their service period.

These icebreakers can be the best thing that can happen on a Friday evening even in the most boring marketing agencies across the globe, where nothing exciting really happens. Along with creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere, icebreakers gives your employees a reason to forget their workstations and believe in a positive tomorrow temporarily. The barriers and awkwardness that are naturally created in an office ecosystem are easily broken with these icebreakers, and thus you should put it to good use.


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