Gratitude in the workplace-and how far it can go!

May 24, 2019
by Digitalabs

Convincing oneself every Monday to turn up at the workplace and not biting everybody is challenging, and do you know what makes it worse? Having to deal with ungrateful co-workers. Imagine if you are one, Oh What Horror! People with no gratitude can be compared to those happiness-sucking dementors who drain every ounce of peace, good feelings and energy out of other`s life. But just like how charity begins at home, before expecting others to be thankful, you must learn the art of gratitude and practice it yourself.

Good Vibes Only!

Gratitude makes the sail throughout smooth, saves from workplace complexities and creates a big difference in any company`s dynamics. By implementing mindful gratitude, the workplace becomes ready to incorporate positive changes, the impact of which is nothing but fruitful. According to science, it has strong psychological effects making people at the workplace feel more motivated. Practising gratitude is not obligatory or a forced affair, it is a gesture that should come naturally because giving and receiving appreciation or a simple Thank-You at workplace shows people they matter and are cared for.

The Beneficial Impact of Reflecting Genuine Gratitude at Workplace

Root for Each Other- Team Spirit

Gratitude helps create more sustainable relationships where you are equally focussed on other`s growth besides yours. It is the remedy to more solidified and stronger relationships where you bond as a team for mutual success, and everybody feels respected.

Channel Stress to the Exit Gate

Gratitude makes you more resilient and circulates a powerful feeling of empowerment. Giving people positive feedback when they do better enhances their faith in themselves and greatly helps in dealing with the odd stressful days.

Nothing Weighs You Down- Motivation

It eliminates any toxicity from the workplace, improves the work culture and motivates individuals to drive themselves towards betterment. The energy is high and positive which keeps the wheel spinning even on tough business days. A little gratitude and appreciation hold immense power; it makes people give a dash of extra to whatever project they work on. If they are coming up with creative ideas, they will be Extra creative. If they work hard, they will work Extra hard not to let people down who believe in them.

Hitting Goals Hard- Productivity

Grateful people feel happiness closely; the workplace becomes a temple of great opportunities and learnings where everyone helps others to bring out their best. As a result, increasing the productivity. It inspires people to exceed their expectations and raises the bar on job satisfaction.

Your workplace is where you spend most of your time and gratitude in its every form can pay off much better in terms of productivity. Digitalabs celebrates such office culture that emphasises on expressing gratitude and opens the doors of endless opportunities.


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