How can a Youtube Channel Surge your Business?

Jun 08, 2018
by Digitalabs

The online video hosting service with over a billion users watching billion hours of videos and generating billions of views can help various business owners take advantage of Youtube marketing to avail the incredible benefits it offers for small and local businesses. Almost one-third of the people on the internet can be found on Youtube sharing and searching videos for entertainment, promotions, and instructions. Thus it can facilitate to uplift your traffic and exposure on the internet, and you can establish your business across a highly rewarding audience comprising of new clients and customers.

As per Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses use video content marketing, and they swear by its importance in their marketing strategy. By setting up a Youtube channel for your business, you group all your videos in one place with images representing your firm. With your channel, you can promote your videos and target the interested customers through demographics, topics, and interests.

As videos are the most versatile and lucrative tools for marketing available these days, for this reason we have picked a few convincing reasons why even you should include video marketing in your promotional strategies :

#1: Videos increases trust

Trust is the building block of long-term relationships. Rather than forcing people to purchase your products lure them towards you by imparting interesting and useful information. Because some people are still suspicious while purchasing products and services on the web, effective promotional videos can encourage trust by displaying your products as genuine solutions. This gives more confidence to your customers when they decide to buy your products.

#2: Youtube channel lets you prove your expertise

To build your reputation and prove you are the best in your field you can use Youtube by creating videos giving tutorials and tips related to your work industry. You can also display testimonials from your customers. These testimonials make your account more concrete and appreciable and have serious effect on your customers. People in need of the information will keep coming back to you if they are benefitted by your expert knowledge. It helps you stand out amongst your competitors.

#3: Make most of the Feedbacks

People using Youtube and going through your channel can leave feedbacks and their opinions about your videos and products. This is a massive opportunity for any business to interact with their potential prospects and answer their queries, concerns, and doubts.

#4: Build your brand’s identity with a creative kick

Add vibrancy and movement to your brand’s image with a Youtube channel. Suppose you are a fashion brand you can put up video tutorials showing tricks and tips to utilise the same piece of dress in multiple ways and also share videos showing how some of your clothes are intricately designed and how many hours the workers put up to create that beautiful block print saree. This kind of content will keep your customers engaged to you and make them appreciate your efforts.

#5: It affects your search engine rank

You have the authority over the titles and description of your videos. If somebody searches for a related service, your video will show up on Google search. It gives you control over the keywords and phrases for which you could get listed. Thus write enticing titles and descriptions and add links to your website and products giving clues to your customers about the next step they should take.

#6: Keeps your customers on their toes

You can create a sneak peek video giving a glimpse about your upcoming products and services and upload on Youtube. This will keep your customers excited about the future releases and also give them a platform to interact with your brand personally. It helps you to increase your followers.

#7: Capable of getting you more customers

Who has the time today to read long description about products, how they work and what benefits they have. Videos are a simple and time-saving way to learn more about products. Uploading videos regularly on your Youtube channel can attract a large audience who want to see your product in action.

Taking every point into account, to help your business grow and exhibit at the first page of Google it is essential you produce more engaging videos and regularly upload on your Youtube channel to benefit from the traffic Youtube is capable of providing. Set objectives, strategize a plan and execute the carefully and creatively devised ideas to have a better shot at success when creating a Youtube channel!

Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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