How can Interactive Content keep your readers hooked?

Apr 19, 2018
by Agam Chaudhary

How can Interactive Content keep your readers hooked?


Writing has always managed to change the world along with evolving humankind. Writing is the feeling for some and mode of livelihood for others. You have to put a significant focus on who your reader is. Keeping the audience in minds, their likes, desires and pain points, while writing will help you create content, they desire for. The golden rule is to estimate what the user wants or expects from you. Making a direct connection with your readers will help your content and business goals altogether. It is the content that brings prospects, informs them and ultimately converts them. Putting together a group of words is simple content, but something that is educational, interesting and compelling is what is called engaging content. It is the pleasant content that drives traffic to your business's website, retains your customers and increases traffic to your site. To be engaging, the content must be appropriate to the reader at the time. It should have the ability to stop someone and pull them in by being informative and interesting. Writing engaging content does not just limit to writing attention-grabbing headline or opening. You have to keep up with the commitment that you made by bringing readers throughout the entire piece of content.

Here are some points to describe what kind of interactive content helps a brand:


Infographic is a popular tool to boost engagement with your website content. Nobody likes to read content that is put in long paragraphs, without pictures and is boring. Thus, the infographic is an essential discovery in all content engagement related restrictions. Designed in an attractive design, an infographic depicts data most beautifully. It is concise, complete, bright and eye-catchy.


A quiz is something that grasps the instant notice of the reader. If the topic is of relevance to the user, he participates in it and spends a large amount of time on your website. Finding the best subjects to entice readers is complicated. The skill lies in learning what your users like and expect from you. The content that is appropriately structured makes use of pictures, and pitches the significant concerns that a prospect may have is genuinely attention-grabbing. This successful engagement tool is easy to plan, administer and monitor.


Adding interactive content retains viewers interested and entertained. With explanations embedded in interactive videos, you can transmit a direct call-to-action to the viewers. To provide viewer traffic, the interactive videos also enable you to divert traffic from video to a brand's social media pages. Integrated marketing is the trick to persevere in today’s competition. 360 video is a great opportunity that inspires awe and which makes it shareable. Now is the time to put on your creative thinking cap and build something so wonderful that your viewers cannot neglect and will leave them awestruck.


A demo is a visual exploration of experience that the product or brand promises through images, PPTs, videos and other graphics. The interactive demo is considered to be the most effective mode of retaining your audience. It allows you to communicate with your customer on a more private, personal level. A demo should never be a journey of a product’s features and functions. It should focus on showing how the brand or product is going to turn the customer’s life. Showcase what exception it is going to make in their life.

A lot of brands and marketers are at a crossroads right now along with so many online marketing companies in the NCR itself. They need to be ready to stand out with the competition. Consumers are busy, attention spans are short, and there’s more content being generated than ever before. It’s clear to see why more brands are seeming to embrace the advantages of interactive content into their marketing strategies. Not only does it serve to bring life to the same old blog columns and ebooks, but it also adds a bit more. Interactive content interests consumers educate them on their buying investments and can be personalized to talk directly to them, vastly developing the quality of content they have been getting the past few years. Interactive content will go a great way towards promoting brands to create excitement. It helps to discover more from their clients, and increase conversion rates, improving the bottom line.

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