How Content and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Oct 25, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

As the studies reveal the fact that search engines tend to adopt the sites equipped with the most relevant information, rather than the sites accumulated with the keywords to attract the traffic. The hypothesis that content marketing completely overlaps the SEO stays young, as the practice and observation of marketing experts claim. The two marketing tactics have significantly equal influence, the result transpires in the end. The two separated channels don’t fit in a competition of overtaking but stem up to hike the chances of ranking top on search engines. While the two techniques oriented in common direction work together to drive traffic to the website, the SEO has a narrower concept, and the content has a broader concept. Laced with the detailed information content marketing helps to introduce the working and services of a brand in a more precise way, and it talks about the objectives of a brand. The dependence of content on SEO is necessary as it won’t be seen on search engines without being fed with keywords. And that’s why marketers crave for keywords to optimize their content.

SEO requires content: SEO comes into existence only if the content is there to apply the keywords to make it visible on search engines. To implement some keywords more content is needed to feed the keywords in between. SEO fuels the potential of content and help it stand out in competing with comparable content with no keywords fed. Just putting enough keywords to get traffic won’t work, search engines would find it violating the rule and ultimately eliminate the website keywords.

Importance of keywords: The keywords related to any product help find the content and thus the website. Keywords are of vital importance as they make contents seen on search engines. It has been a matter of debate since the launch of Google’s panda, that importance of keywords has reduced in content marketing. But the contents are discoverable only if keywords play the role. Stuffing articles and blogs with more number of keywords degrade the quality, and the true impression fails to emerge.

Continuity: The instincts of an effective content doesn’t end with one time post and then rely on the single source to get found on the search engines, and expect the same traffic as it gets in the beginning. In fact, it needs more than it, and regular updating of contents is required to maintain the traffic generation. The contents of the website should be renewed on a timely basis, and fresh contents help retain the reputation of the website. Regular updating of the contents raise the chances to rank high. It doesn’t work the way as the converging strategy of SEO and content made its presence on the internet and then gone, it has to be consistent to get the desired result.

Linking techniques: To boost the SEO, links are organized in every blog post of quality content and strategy to linkbacks are designed cleverly without abrupting the SEO rules. The guest posts help link the website’s content and thus drive traffic to the website. The great quality propels people to share the articles and thus gaining the attention of more traffic.

The right strategy includes both SEO and content to hike the audience growth on landing pages. Only if both infused, the desired goals can be accomplished. The people who arrive on the website through search engines, only thing makes it possible to bridge the two ends is the quality content that makes them visit the website. More traffic on the website means more engagement of the people with the website’s services and products. There are many digital marketing companies in NCR, emerging as rising stars in the content marketing field. The researched and compelling practices of these companies make any brand go high on the search engine. Thus expectancy comes alive with the right tools implemented what these companies offer. Amalgamation of high-quality content developers and seo experts in tirunelveli to feed the content with keywords strike the cords of search engines.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 10 years in the marketing domain. He specializes in digital marketing, marketing trends and strategies and provides valuable insights for the Digitalabs team, an interactive digital agency of repute. Contact him at

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