How is Intelligent Personalization a Game Changer?

Jun 25, 2018
by Agam Chaudhary

The day when websites were one size fits all are long gone, where there is just one website that is for everyone who visits you. But, a website which is personalized in a way that suits every visitor individuality is in every way more appreciable and likable. The market in contemporary days is customer-centric. If you can manage to grab someone's attention and convert him or her into your customer by displaying what he or she is looking for, you win the battle. Users get attracted to websites that are filtered in accordance with their likes and interests. Intelligent personalization based on the likes and preferences of the visitors can be a game changer for your business as it will deliver you 70% more conversion than a stereotypical website.

Here is a way to create extreme intelligent personalization that will keep your visitors and consumers interested:

Start a record of behavioral data

Collect all the data from the microsegments and collect the behavioral data from your customers. Combine them and find an exact consumer pattern of the customer by his or choices, preferences, keywords, buying and skipping.

Plan your actions ahead

Be very spontaneous about your trigger messages which can go in any form, i.e., if your customer is searching for something which you are offering, and you can personalize a text by making him, or she see what he or she is looking for.

War room team

Gather and a small war team who battles for the business's need and increases traffic by fighting off the hindrances and increasing inflow of consumers. This group will work round the clock and should be diversely expert on their job.

Become smart with new tactics

Potential consumers of your service or products will have very little, and thus your war team needs to be prepared with utmost technology and promptness at hand. They have to create a near-infinite number of customized variations, and along with this cumbersome and long approval processes should be stopped.

Nowadays, visitors have expectations of getting the proper engagement with personalization and filtration with products and services that intrigues them with things they have been looking for. It is 42% more likely that a customer buys a product or avails a service from the section which says 'you may also like' than any other section. You may also offer exclusive offers to a customer visiting for the first time which is not available for existing customers based on their behavioral search history. These are just simple ways of intelligent personalization that keeps your business ahead of its peers and competition.

Agam Chaudhary, a digital marketing consultant with a comprehensive experience of a decade in the marketing domain, cultivates an extensive vision of marketing. He fosters a firm belief in tangible results and his experience, intuitiveness, and expertise help him score the results he aims for- bridging the gap between digital marketing and business enterprises to bring about mutual success! He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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