How name collisions impact a brand’s ORM? #WizardsofWednesday

Jul 11, 2018
by Digitalabs

As of July 2018, the current world population accounts for about 7.6 billion people. So if you think your name is unique and there exist no possibilities you share it with somebody, well chances are there do lives another name doppelganger having the exact name like yours! Name collisions can often tarnish people’s reputation and impact the status of the brand or business they are associated with. Although in a few cases it can prove to be a beneficial god’s plan where you can use it to your marketing advantage and reap benefits out of this uncalled co-incidence.

How does it create a nuisance?

The world population is constantly growing, and so does our country’s. In India, if you happen to be a girl named Aditi, Pooja, Harpreet, Neha, etc. the odds of you sharing this name with thousand others is endless, and the same thing applies to boys with familiar names. Many people other than sharing the first name often have in common their family names.

Even if this might not be a severe issue to one’s reputation but often when people fail to conduct proper research and your name twin happens to be a known goon, or most wanted criminal or somebody with a tainted character, then your identity could be easily confused with theirs. People can frequently get misguided, and it can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

In today’s time when people meet you the first thing they might want to do is connect with you online. So if they search for you and find your name doppelganger who is already notoriously famous then in such cases name collision could evoke strong sentiments and hamper their trust in you and your brand.

People with the help of just a few words related to your brand and at often times with the help of your name, search for your business in Google Search. This has made the task of searching for any information related to your brand quick and giving you prompt and easy visibility in no time. Reviews are floating around on the internet about your business giving people an immediate idea about who you are and what you do.

Thus it becomes more essential to ensure that your brand appears to your followers in the most natural way to build trust and gain profitability. A negative image due to destructive name collision heightens the chances of decreasing the conversion rates and a significant drop in the rankings. It not only puts all your valuable time and efforts to waste but nullifies all the planning done to reach that spot.

What steps to take if the unimaginable happens?

The first thing you can do is to reach the websites and try to get the harassing, profane or obscene materials worth the damage of their platform.  

n the United States, the search engines like Google and Bing have agreed to remove documents like private nude photos or non-consensually shared materials that might have been shared by your devil little name doppelganger without a court order. While in Europe the search engines can make content less visible or you can ask them to remove the harmful elements from search results.

But if the documents or the content that is shared fall under the right of freedom of expression of your name twin then you will have to deal with it on your own. In such cases, you can adapt to the standard reputation enhancement practices where you create and promote positively fitting and optimized content suitable to your name. The activities that fall under such practice include:

1) Create an improved and perfected domain with your name.

2) Develop your name accounts on powerful social media platforms with a broad reach like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin, and others.

3) Optimize these accounts sharing valuable and accurate information about you.

How can you profit from Name Collision?

A few times a name twin can prove to be advantageous in your reputation repair campaigns. You can make use of these neutral doppelgangers by discovering web pages and materials for your name searches involving them and strengthen the reputation of your brand. The online content involving these names can be optimized by you to remove the disturbing content and improve the rankings.

Take help of online white pages directories, sports statistics sites, genealogical research sites, verification sites antecedents for finding web pages containing neutral doppelganger names. The easiest way you can find the apt material is by doing some research on your name, zoom in on the documents related to your name twins which lie precisely below the one impacting your brand negatively. Sometimes instead of creating entirely new content, it helps if you boost content rankings already superseding harmful elements in rankings.

Create content involving your name twins online hardware name and share them in articles or blog posts. Focus on the SEO tactics, find links to the web pages you want to promote which in turn can benefit your business. Or you can always put forward a hand of friendship where you work together with people sharing your common name and jointly promote each other’s online content.

To manage your business’s online reputation management, you should have the ability to tackle any stones thrown on your end. If you happen to find yourself stuck to the web of sharing your name with an ill-famed name twin you do not necessarily need to fight the legal battle of changing your name. You can instead use a diminutive or more extended form of your name. Repairing the tarnished reputation takes time so keep holding on to your patience and take help from the above tips.


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