How stories are the new marketing tool!

May 22, 2018
by Agam Chaudhary

How stories are the new marketing tool!

The world went crazy with excitement when Snapchat introduced stories in 2013. The youth got themselves a new toy to play with and it became very easy for everybody who was connected with each other in the application to get an easy peek into the fun lives people were leading. Instead of talking the primary mode of communication got replaced with sharing photos and videos. The new feature of face filters took entertainment to an all-new horizon. Following the suit of Snapchat, even Instagram and Facebook introduced stories on their social media platform in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Since then there is no stopping the youth from sharing spontaneous details about their lives to the business aspirants hoping to make it big in the industry.

There are plenty of ways in which you can leverage the feature to its full potential and make your business bloom. The level of ease just reached its height where you don’t need to go door to door informing people about your products and services instead by making use of the right strategies you simply hold the magnet and your potential customers come running at you.

The stories have a 24-hour lifespan which could be utilized by business professionals to their advantage as the youth today does not want to miss out on any updates. Let us see what are the other reasons which make stories the IN-trend marketing tool and how you can make the best use out of them for your business.

  1. Easy to approach the already existing folks- It might take you some time to gather a large number of followers on Snapchat as you have to personally add people in that platform. But with Facebook and Instagram stories you can already target a large group of people who are already part of your friend list. At the end of the day, the social platform that can help you reach out to a greater mass is all that matters and counts.

  2. Breakthrough with Regularity- Put in consistent efforts to post at least once per day. If you have a greater number of followers post at least 4 to 5 times a day to maintain their curiosity also so that you have a hold on them. Gain their trust by posting quality images and videos, it is more likely to make them stay for long.

  3. Ask for opinion- Another benefit of Instagram stories is that you can create polls asking for opinions from your followers. The poll feature launched in October 2017 and is widely popular amongst brands keen on getting valuable inputs from their customers. Polls are the best way to directly engage with your customers more often where even they feel heard and an integral part of your brand.

  4. Amplify reach with appropriate tags- The location tag in your story might show you up in that location’s story providing with greater reach to the audience who might not even know about you yet. Use popular hashtags which will promote you to even a wide audience. Instagram uses hashtags to categorize its images and if you forget to use hashtags in your story it won’t show you anywhere on the social media platform other than your followers. Kill it with your hashtag game to be the master of Instagram marketing.

  5. Keep texts short- Instagram is a platform known for sharing images and videos which appeal to your eyes. So keep the description short and sweet in your stories and let your photos weave the magic.

  6. Direct your followers to the URL- You cannot put links to your website other than in your bio description. So to guide your followers to your website put up a catchy story about your products and ask them to check out your bio from where they can copy-paste the link and go to the real website to make purchases. This is a good marketing technique where you don’t have to rank high in the search engine in order to draw the crowd to your website.

  7. Make use of time- Since stories disappear after 24 hours, this can be used to test new campaigns. Put up stories and see for yourself what works for and what does not. If something does not work there is no need to panic over it as with new day you can indulge in new experiments.

  8. Stories can be used as an analytical tool to see what content is worth repeating. It gives an insight to the marketer about who viewed which part of the story and when telling you about customer preferences.

  9. Create story highlights and pin them to your profile. It can be about anything important which you might want to make visible to your followers for more than 24 hours. It could be an advertisement for a sale, or for an event going to happen in a few days, or simply a specific highlight to showcase your various products.

Stories are a great way to bring out the other face of your brand. You can follow a light-hearted or hilarious approach to engage and interact with your target audience. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat are platforms built to provide people solely with amusement so the tone of marketing should be set accordingly. Stay tuned with Digitalabs as we aim to provide even more engaging content with our future blogs to help you up your digital marketing game while trying to clear the many queries you might have regarding it.


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