How to Engage and Retain your Followers in Social Media!

Oct 27, 2017
by Rakesh Tulsiani

In the fast pacing world, every business is waiting to make its presence felt in the whole wide world of businesses. But, the success of a business is a rare sight in this contemporary world, and its early signs appear in the form of likes, comments, and shares on social media post. An indication that people became volunteered in your work marks the popularity of the content. And little approach in the administration to row the maneuverability always hikes the growth of the business. The importance to interact with the followers bring more advantage in one form or the other. A small startup usually witnesses one or two notifications a day, and rest of the anticipation goes unheard. If the followers don’t interact with the quality of the content served to them, the problem is with the reciprocating strategies. The online marketing works on the basic principle of audience engagement with the brand, and the big target can only be accomplished with the one on one connection and the hospitality of the traffic arrived on the online hubs.

Here is a tried and experimented list a business can do to get most of the attention:

  • Respond to customers with motivated engagement: The gap between a brand and the prospective customers has been bridged with the social media platforms. The feedbacks have a greater impact on the credibility. The dissatisfaction can cause a loss because it’s publicly accepted means to share their opinions about the services offered by a company. The impact of reviews decides the fortune of the business whether it goes up or down. Positive reviews exponentially hike the monetization, while negative reviews captivate the further escalation. To solve the issue encountered by a customer, comments in response to the queries should be promising, and organized steps to not replicate the problem should be initiated. The public insights only bring more power, and the opportunity to ask questions about products, services, and events can do the magic.

  • Get familiar with multiple tools: A brand’s presence on a single platform and reliability on limited tools do not get you the desired result. The expectancy can only be accomplished by becoming familiar and accustomed to the power booster tools. Keeping in mind the limitation of time, the market has formulated many innovative tools to curb the time factor. Some of the great tools to bring in practice are Cloud App, Text Expander, and Buffer reply. With an amazing capability to hike the engagement, these tools connect you quickly and directly with your followers. Get familiar with the new trends adopted by the market to reach the wide audience globally. The familiarity to the Google analytics will help you expand your reach and thus more engagement will occur ultimately.

  • Use of emojis and GIF: Replying to the fans and followers become more easy with the use of emojis and GIF. And it can’t be denied that emojis and GIFs have become a part of the language used on social media. The mood expression comes best fit with the right emojis applied, and it waxes a good impression. The use of the emojis will not only reduce your personal influence but it helps to transfer clear messages from end to end. Operating systems like Windows and Macs have facilities provided to make use of emojis using appropriate shortcut keys. Make a folder on your computer containing GIFs collection, so you don’t have to run and browse on the internet for different types of GIFs.

  • Make use of social media platforms: Social media platforms are many but the major ones are important to be a part of. The big fishes – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram – all vary in their operation, but as a whole, all of them only works to connect you with the rest of the world. Every channel should be targeted to be made use of, you never know which one can be your best digital friend. The world is here, you only need to address your content to them. Attached links and hashtags on every post attract more traffic to your website that results in engagement with the products and services, and finally, their interest becomes money for you. Regular activities on social media platforms create a continuous wave, and the amplitude multiplies with time.

  • Be creative: The companies which are open to new ideas and innovations are always welcomed by the public. The changing trend of marketing campaign push the competitors one over the other. And the leader erupts from the crowd with the most advanced technique embraced and the unprecedented offering to the customers. Talking about the popular ways to put the idea, print technology became famous in the earlier years, blogging took over the dying fashion. The words of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates – “Content is king” proved valid for two decades but the days of the plane text failed to mesmerize the readers for long and now videos are overlapping the trend. Along with content and videos, infographics have created a revolution in the digital industry as well. One should be always prepared to live on the edge and walk out of the curve to discover the new possibilities that can potentially invite more brand engagement.

  • Formulate compelling points: People are always eager to learn more, and the interesting facts ignite curiosity in the mind to get known about the relevant facts. The best way to address certain facts related to the brand, with survey data that displays compelling insights, will make people more interested in the doctrine of the brand. Organizing teaser contests, and events that excite your audience to indulge in and win prizes, this giving away will make the brand more popular and the engagement will definitely rise. If it’s the launch of a new product, introduce it in a way to make people go crazy about it. Unveiling the product detail in a short manner will keep your fans attached to the updates. Teasing and encouraging to explore the details of the product are smart strategies.

  • Increase the frequency of updates: The content strategy needs regular updating of the content on the blog or the website with improved frequency in competition to the market. The targeted audience gets to witness more content from your side and thus chances of engagement run parallel with the frequency of the posts. The experts reveal 5-10 times post update a day on Twitter, and it’s 1-4 times on Facebook to derive the desired result. The majority of traffic is observed between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so time management and post update keep its optimal value only if it falls in the time bracket. It doesn’t violate any rules of the search engine if you post the same content on different social media platforms, so choose wisely the platforms that will bring more advantage.

  • Encourage your team with reviews and updates: The teamwork elevates the degree of productivity in an organization. If there is no cooperation between team members, the company is always under the risk of collapse. The authority should always be known of the outlines what’s in motion and what’s stopped. The credit of success should be shared with all, and the regular updates of the progress should be addressed in a meeting. The blend of various teams: content department, social media department, design, and development department should align in and muster at regular times to keep a track of the ups and downs.

Each of the different approaches works for the common goal of escalating a business to its highest potential of visibility and accessibility across social platforms. They act as an additional catalyst which builds and enhances that your social appearances, ensuring they are positive, and inducing inquisitiveness in one’s mind. Since most of the active world population is online nowadays, social platforms play an indispensable role in one’s business. By using certain tips and tricks, however, one can easily stand apart and make a lasting impression in the virtual world. There are various SEO Company in Chennai which help brands of different stature make a prominence in this marketing domain.

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. Contact him at


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