How to keep website content and social media content apart?

Jul 03, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Content is your medium of communication in any digital space. It’s how you introduce and connect and tell your story forward. You express your brand’s ideology, motive, cause and offerings through the website content. While the social media content has to be contagiously engaging for your audience to go crazy for your brand. But both call for a lot of planning, you simply can’t thread words into sentences and call it as your content strategy which some brands often think is the trick. 
As a matter of fact, there are certain guidelines you should be following and maintaining such as ensuring consistency in the brand tone and voice, coming up with content which appeals to your audience to create a connection and keeping the message simple. But, is this how you should approach both the website content and social media content? Of course not! The content that goes on your website varies from the content generated for your social media accounts. As both have different characteristics, the content strategy must differ. If you are wondering how then follow these simple steps to keep your website content and social media content apart.

Simplifying Website Content

1. Study your buyer’s personality. Analyze their habits and create content that is focussed on answering about their search to increase conversions. Which is why including, blogs and informative articles contribute towards building reliability.
2. Be concise and clear while giving them a reason why they must pick you over anybody. The audience is not interested in knowing about what you are offering, but you will have their interest if you tell them about the benefits they can enjoy with your offering.
3. Your website content must have testimonials and case studies for your visitors to build trust and follow your brand’s vision.
4. The language used needs to be familiar to the sector of the industry you are engaged to. The industry jargon must be included along with a professional tone while ensuring there is no shortage of creativity. 

Simplifying Social Media Content

1. This is more of an informal space where the posts you create must force your audience to start a conversation with you and engage with you. Keeping a professional tone will get you more yawns than likes from your target group. Never forget that.
2. Follow the brand voice and tone you have decided upon as this is what is unique about you. Tell your customers whether you are here to motivate them or share memes and everything funny. This has to be similar across all social media platforms.
3. Not to miss, the content you present here should be unique, positive, interesting, and invoke a multitude of emotions if going viral is your brand’s dream. Build curiosity and keep your followers amused through catchy headlines and push forward content that considers readability.
4. Don’t shy away from leveraging moderately controversial topics. It brings out the willingness in people to talk about such issues. Not only will you be picking up trending topic but also stress on creating an impact.
At Digitalabs, we value content and stress on having an extraordinary content strategy for any brand to leave a mark on every platform they are present in. We have provided you with these high-performing shortcuts which if you adopt, you are likely to experience traffic boost not only on your website but also on your social media pages while keeping them apart. 

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