How to make that business pitch positive with an A-line SEO game?

Apr 22, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

So, you worked day in and day out to come up with an SEO proposal that did not get the desired response? Ouch! That's frustrating! Working hard and hitting the 'no deal' bummer can be quite heart-shattering. However, remember that one size fits all approach doesn't work for your SEO game when you are trying to win over prospective business deals. Every digital marketing agency has a catch of clientele which varies from hospitality and automotive to education, travel, finance and what not and the SEO needs vary for each of the industries their clients are from.

A sound and impactful SEO strategy take hours and days of investment when trying to find the best opportunities for the clients. Remember that for your client the details and the tactics of your strategy won't make them jump off their seat. It's the ROI that will do the trick and what they basically care about. All they want is when they Google their business they find it visible at the number one spot. So, how do you manage to ace that pitch and lock down on new business? Keep reading to discover the practical help in creating a winning SEO proposal that can land you with new business every time.

Think like FBI

Study your client, pull out older records and equip yourself with the challenges and opportunities in their search landscape before you send that proposal. Strengthen your pitch by acquiring all the intelligence, do in-depth research on keywords applicable to your client and take the help of analytics. Arm yourself with hard-hitting data that will make your task easier on selling them customised strategies to improve their search visibility. Your deep insights into their business will turn you into their favorite in no time.

Keep the Enemies Closer

While you deeply study your prospective client's website maintain an eagle-eye on their nemesis. Visit every possible competitor site and track closely the keywords they are taking advantage of. Keep track of the true existing competitors along with the emerging players in the industry as this will help you pass on a comprehensive understanding to your prospective clients of their presence and ranking in the industry. Besides this will further aid them in finding new market opportunities to tap into.

Respect their Budget

Understand the economies of scale to battle out other SEO agencies while landing new business opportunity. For your clients to pick you, you have to compile and collect data at a reasonable price.

There is no magic potion which you can gulp before you send across the SEO pitch that can assure you positive results. To become the successful agency that never comes empty handed with their proposal you need to ask yourself hard-hitting questions. Do you understand your client's exact problem area? Do you have a rational and logical SEO plan in your kitty that suits your client and they cannot refuse? If the answer is 'yes’ for all of them, you know there is a winning proposal right there that nobody can refuse!


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