How to prepare for voice search revolution?

Apr 12, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

Isn`t it easier when you can get work done by commanding out loud without having to type? Yes, the world is taking to gear four and rapidly proceeding to a digital future, and the Voice Search is one big trend that benefits you by letting you bask in your laziness. But it offers more than that.

The trend of voice search is no more a gimmick, and there is a staggering shift from the dinosaur era (Text-based Search) to the age of supreme human intelligence (Voice Search). By optimising your business for Voice Search not only, will you be doing your finger joints big-time favour but taking your SEO plan a level higher than your competitors. As a matter of fact, it is more frequently used by customers seo company in chennai to help with their tasks, carry on their everyday life. It conveniently supports them in finding businesses nearby them to their advantage. Thus, your business can reap significant benefits through this area of search marketing by understanding the customers and answering their queries in such a manner that the solution is easily accessible on Voice Search. So how do you ensure your business becomes best-friends with the digital personal assistants? Discover here, how!

Steps you should be planning to Capitalize on Voice Search!

Sit Through Your Existing Strategy

Do an audit of the strategy you are following. Find out how much you are focusing on voice queries and whether you are emphasizing on long-tail keyword phrases. While long-tail queries may bother you when you type, but the questions for Voice Search are getting longer with time passing. If your current strategy is lacking on it, you may want to figure a different plan that involves reviving your existing keyword target list.

Get your Breakthrough by Targeting New Keywords

Your keyword strategy should revolve around human speak-type queries. Have a brainstorming session with your team (Vacation period is over guys!) and figure out how many head keywords, long-tail keywords and general topics you are targeting.

Pick Your Fight and Fight to Win

Your mother didn`t raise you just to sit there and see your page not rank! She raised a warrior who pushes it hard to the finishing line and achieves the top spot for a finite number of important SERP`s. As the Voice Search brings forth the most recent and highly-optimized result, to rank high you have to create content with a fitting tone of responding to a person in natural language. You can keep it low for keywords you think do not hold much importance for your business.

Focus on Ads you are running

Use the long tail keyword phrases even for the ads you run. Find out what are the most common questions that your audience can`t stop asking and cleverly align these keywords with those relevant questions. You genuinely need to study your target audience and delve into their needs, interests, intents as well as search behaviour.

Use Questions As Keywords

To get quick answers people rely on Voice Search. “Alexa, what is the score of today`s IPL match?” “Alexa, play John Lennon.” “Alexa, what is the weather forecast today?” The voice commands are random but mostly they are questions asking for quick solutions. So, adding “what,” “who,” “why,” “how” to your keywords will bring out your content for searchers.

Are you mobile-responsive?

Through voice search apps, smart speakers people are going crazy with what they can achieve merely with their voice. This trend may be responsible for the extinction of visual mediums which is why you should strongly consider audio marketing more. As of now, about 90% of the voice searches take place on mobile phones. Therefore you emphasise on improving the mobile experience. Make your website site, mobile responsive and greatly optimized for conducting mobile searches to keep your audience engaged.

The Voice Search craze has spread around like wild forest fire in mere two to three years, and by the year 2020 as predicted by comScore there will be about 50% voice search adoption. To leverage the transition in your audience`s search behaviour and effectively answer any question curveball that comes your business`s way you should be Voice-search-ready. Start exploring this great opportunity and gradually find at what better position does it land your business.

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