Increase your Email Open Rate Now!

Apr 20, 2018
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Increase your Email Open Rate Now!

With so many types of marketing evolving every day, there are certain types, which remains gold forever. One of them is email marketing. Email marketing is a sort of direct marketing that involves businesses posting promotional messages via email to a collection of prospects and consumers. It’s widely used as an efficient and cost-effective system for new customer acquisition, building brand recognition, and increasing product sales, as well as promoting trust and loyalty with a company’s customer center. The purpose of email for marketers is extending to grow stronger, despite the growing popularity of social networks and messages. Email marketing presents more opportunities for business and drives a sounder return on investment. With email marketing, a business can create deeper connections with a broader audience at a fraction of the cost of conventional media.

With email marketing, one can manage exactly who sees an email by organizing your contacts based on their role status, demographics, area or any other data. Targeting emails ensure that an audience gets content explicitly suited to his needs. With each email sent, consumers are opened to your business and your brand. With vital planning, smart design, and targeted content, your company will consistently build excellence. There aren’t many methods of marketing as easy to share as email marketing. With the simple click of the forward button, subscribers can share your deals, offers, and news with their friends. Perhaps the most appealing advantage of email marketing is the return on investment.

Here are eight tips for building your email marketing strategy successful:

Using a consistent, recognizable sender address

Users usually use two things to decide whether to open an email or not open: the "From" and the subject line. You want your "From" to identify who you are and where you are from clearly. If at all possible, you require using the same "From:" for all emails you send.

Make your subject do double duty

Its primary mission is to get people to open the email up to see it. It should also compile your email's contents. The subject line must be informative, but not too sales oriented. It needs to be timely, beneficial and personal. Don't use the same or alike subject line on all your emails. When users start to recognize a subject line, it has lost its charm.

Keep the email content simple

Consumers will not pay more than 5 to 10 seconds looking an email to see if they want to read further. Make sure you have the content to the point. Use bullets when it makes sense. Use headings to break up material. Use short sentences and paragraphs, which is especially true for newsletters.

Spread all the bases in the email

The user wants to know everything about your business. If you are dubious or leave out pertinent parts, you will not get the click-through rate you were expecting.

Keep your language personable as well as professional

You will want to make personal contact with the reader. Using too much informal language can turn off many people. Suit the style that you use to your target audience. If your target viewers is a typical consumer with high school education, do not use a voice that only a college grad would read.

Add a clear call to action to the email

What do you want the reader to do when they read your email? You may want them to download an eBook, check out your latest product or catch your new video. Make sure you communicate what you want them to do and give them ways to do it. Give them a landing page to go to next, and don’t forget the thank you page.

In today’s ever-changing digital world, email marketing tends to take a backseat. However, if you haven’t considered email marketing for your business already, now is the time to consider it through so many online marketing agencies in India. Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool overlooked by many. Working with a trusted marketing advisor makes the process simple and cost-effective. With a strategic approach, decent guidance and a strong message, a business is sure to benefit from email marketing.

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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