Investing In Technology To Favour Your Digital Presence

Aug 28, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Startups, given the heart-warming acceptance received from the audience at large, are making heads turn and giving well-established corporate houses goals for attaining business growth within limited resource availability.

However, unlike the popular belief, the journey is never a cakewalk. Ask the backstage players and the people behind the numerous debate sessions in a typical backyard setup and they’ll tell you how their rather exhaustive nightlife spent on brainstorming new ideas brought them to present a housefull show on stage. Although, today’s tech-savvy world has bridged communication gaps and aided initiatives mushrooming within a limited resource setup, if not incorporated mindfully, technology can also complicate matters unnecessarily.

Startups founded or supported by technological innovation are bound to be unique and will give a tough time to competitors to catch up. Continue to use technology to your advantage and you competition will get eliminated on its own.

However, merely resorting to technological solutions without assessing their correct application will never let you extract its full potential. Relying heavily on technology can also become a handicap in the long run.

The key is to keep updating your customer-product fit. Adding a human touch to your business operations ensures you are always at the core of understanding customer preferences. Technology makes you focus on “What can technology do for us?” instead of identifying “What do customers really want?”. Channelizing technology towards services not relevant to the customers will only fetch you a short term client base which will switch immediately when presented with a better innovation by the competitor. You must create a viable product or service line to build a profitable revenue stream. This is what decides the best commercial value for any technology.

What technologists consider trivial deviations from customer expectations are often outright rejected by clients. So what’s the best way out? We at Digitalabs, a tech-driven entity, have developed and innovated unique services capable of ‘killing’ any nearby competition and aiming to add value to the customers in more than one ways.

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