Is Display replacing content?

May 21, 2018
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Is Display replacing content?

With technology constantly evolving the world is getting introduced to new ways of communicating with one another. In previous time communication was limited to writing letters, sending telegraph etc. to bear the messages to the other person. The point I want to put across is that earlier the major source of communication was mainly in written format but now the world depends upon audios, videos and images to express their thoughts. The emotions of the conversation are invoked these days by digital means.

Non-verbal communication is ruling over the internet and is constantly used by the youth of today as the texts go out of fashion. We are heading to a post-text future where the visual tools are gaining more attention for the purpose of communication and actively adopted across various generations.

Even Facebook which gave all of us a platform to bring forth our inner William Shakespeare, release our emotions and share our reviews on anything and everything has predicted the end of using texts for communication within a few years. As mentioned by Quartz Media’s website in 2016 Nicola Mendelsohn who heads Facebook’s operations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa said in a conference that in a span of five years Facebook “will be definitely mobile, it will be probably all video,”. She also suggested that the statistics in bold numbers declared that the written word is becoming a thing of the past which is replaced by moving images, Gifs, audios, and videos.

Why is Display becoming the primary choice of more and more number of people for establishing a connection with mankind?

  1. With technological advancement, people are getting spoiled for choices. With each new development, we come across many new options. Visual communication has been around for quite a few years now. We are not simply restricted to stationary images and emojis for expressing ourselves these days. With applications like Snapchat, Instagram instead of writing some long stories and posts we simply choose to make a short interactive video for self-expression.

  2. We have so much information to convey to the people around us that if we try putting it into words it will take a lot of time. Hence the best way to narrate our stories to the rest of the world is through videos because then we are able to transmit our thoughts in a quick span of time.

  3. The stickers and emojis hold a different meaning for a different group of people. We might share a different bond with different friends who are only capable of understanding the meaning of a certain emoji or image. With display or visual communication, we are not bound to use just words and phrases to convey our actual thoughts rather we have sanctioned a more unique and intimate source of communication to take hold of our lives.

Communication is essential for two people to be on the same page and express emotions. It is vital for spreading knowledge, passing information, forming relationships to bridge the gap amongst people for daily human dealings. For years communication has solely thrived on text-based media. The influential people earlier used blogs, web pages, newspapers, magazines to voice their opinions. But now there is a shift in the paradigm as podcasts, Netflix shows, Amazon Prime, memes on Facebook and Instagram, vlogs on Youtube channels have become the medium to share views online with a greater number of people without consuming much time. Apparently text-based content has taken a backseat while the images and video-based communication has started gaining more global exposure and widely getting accepted in our day to day lives.


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