Is your tonality different for different channels? What you should know.

May 07, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Think of your brand tone as the general vibes passed on by your brand. It is unique, can be adjusted and what makes you likeable or unlikable to your audience. You can come across as personal, humble, honest, cynical, scientific and even direct which significantly helps in bonding naturally to your audience when they observe the interaction is more humanised. The tone of your brand is highlighted whenever you engage in any kind of conversation with your consumers, and it could be through anything. It could be through the ads you run on social media, it is reflected in your website`s content, every conference where you are the keynote speaker and in every social media post from your end. This specific aspect is associated with your brand which is not limited merely to copywriting and imagery yet everything that is communicated.  

How About Using a Distinct Tone for Every Platform?

Having separate tone for multiple platforms will mean you serve different meals to the varying audience which is indiscrimination. With varying tonality, your brand`s identity will be indistinguishable creating a conflict of relevance and connection between you and your valued followers. Don`t forget you are represented by your tonality and by using a separate tone while communicating you can leave your customer`s perplexed about what your brand symbolises!

Keeping it Uniform

Maintaining a uniform tonality across all platforms will strengthen your brand`s beliefs and provide your audience with a clear notion of your methodology/approach. It will let your followers perceive you as you are. They can identify you and your nature of work whether you are a funny business or a wise business. Besides, the consumers can rely more and not hold back on engagement after seeing that what you exhibit is `owned` by your brand. What you present is authentic and not pulled together from other businesses. As a matter of fact, according to Forbes, you have a chance of increasing your revenue by 23% through a homogeneous brand presentation across different channels. Digitalabs can get you acquainted with the best practices to identify your suitable tone to build a healthy and organic relationship with the consumers. This will benefit you for years and serve your brand well.

To conclude, the brand tonality should be consistent across all marketing channels to communicate your values and objectives clearly and stand out from your competitors. To maintain uniformity, you should develop guidelines so that everyone involved in your brand`s communication is well aware of the tone to be kept while creating content for your website, newsletters or social media. Your brand`s tone is what drags your consumers to you and what makes them respond to you. More reasons to be wise when picking the tone for your brand!


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