Keeping your employees` wits together even in March ending!

Jul 04, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary


Tyrannical bosses or bosses, who are the spawns of Satan itself, ring a bell? We are so used to be surrounded by the idea of horrible bosses or team leaders that will just show up at the workplace, crack some irritating jokes and goes home, while the entire employees are sweating buckets under pressure that we forget about the ones who are good, or at least on the other side. These are the people who restore faith in good leadership by being a good mentor. Here are some of the things they swear by, even during the days like ending of March or submitting an annual sales report.

Keep Your Wits Together

Appear unruffled even when your whole business is falling apart or the office is on fire. If you lose your cool, the chain reaction will take down everyone’s mood or even worse, lose their cool. Follow the mantra ‘keep calm, keep it cool, keep it composed’.

Lead with Goodness

With the ethics of hard work and no-shortcuts rule, you need to project your team with goodness and value virtues along with maintaining contemporary smartness related to work. Your motivation will motivate your team.

Plan and Execute

Losing sight of the bigger goal is very common in employees, in the process of achieving it. So, instead of drawing the finishing line, divide the project into little and achievable goals, and thus, small steps are always better than giant leaps.

Lighten Up

You are the decider of energy your team will have while doing a job. Even though the job at hand is very grave and serious, but, your playful and positive attitude can be a great difference who are working towards the goal. That funny Youtube video or the 5-minute no brainer break is a total yes-yes!


Keeping your employees’ wits together in difficult times is an art, only a few have mastered. To push through to the end, all your employees need is mental support and amazing leadership tricks. Especially when modern-day corporates and marketing agencies are packed with stress and tension, and the boss’s tyranny or impersonal attitudes are the last things they would need to catch hold of the next bus and move on leaving everyone in splits. Following the above tactics will not only boost productivity and creativity but, also help to achieve even bigger goals with ease.


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