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Nov 08, 2017
by Rakesh Tulsiani

Every year has its own surprises set in the making of the strategies how a brand would address its products and services, especially with the continuous changing trend in search engine’s policy, search engine optimization (SEO) has captured global attention. As one-year passes and other arrives – digital experts find their curiosity aligned with the new trends that will potentially affect their presence on the top listing of the search engine, and if the visibility descends to 2nd or 3rd page and so on, the importance of brand decreases overnight. But not to worry much, as some of the ruling trends that dominated previous year will continue in power even this year, at least for the beginning. The importance of SEO remains consistent as it helps your brand get located by quality traffic. A brand acquires more credibility with the help of SEO. Let’s discover some of the trends that are going to be in fashion next year: as the winter is approaching and we eagerly wait for 2018 to welcome. 

Social media content will gain more prominence: Like the following year, the social media contents from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ will continue in powering the SERPs. Marketers keep a keen interest in exploring the tools and techniques that could boost their presence and visibility on search engines. In the competition of billion searches every month, only quality content can’t decide the fortune, but utilization of different social media platforms to boost the visibility also alters the SEO. Dependence on social media platforms has prominently shortened the thin gap between web and social media; and how they can be combinedly used in SEO strategic development. So, for smart multiplication of traffic into a prospective customer, learn to develop attractive and engaging content on social media because the majority of the world find your brand’s presence in form of social media profiles. 

Videos take the changing fashion: There is no doubt videos are the great way used by marketers to keep their audience engaged and entertained. But the advantageous part of the video is it helps to gain a higher ranking on SERPs. The videos made in a proper direction to draw the attention of viewers generate more organic traffic. Data never lie, according to the latest research, videos occupy the 62% of all searches on Google. As we all know Google’s SEO policy keeps changing, but observing the blended results and searches, Google has shifted its views on this new trend, and videos will rule this year for sure. Contents blended with videos work much better with respect to the plaintexts. As compared to static texts, videos cater 41% higher click rates. To get the video found on search engines, index it with proper keywords and terms so that it can garner more traffic to the website.

Mobile optimization has become very important: It has become very significant for the websites to become mobile-friendly. The fact behind websites to adopt mobile-friendly feature is the distribution of audience, that they no longer exist on PCs only. The invention of different technology has affected it widely and the audience has separated in the different form of multimedia platforms like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, etc. The changing trend got embrace by many multinational companies first and then it spread to small and medium class businesses as well. The coming year has anticipated pre-announced Mobile-First Index that will turn it into norm to get every website mobile supported. Research states that mobile devices count to 43% hike in searches year over year. As the graph of mobile users to browse internet has seen a rapid growth, Google has decided to show mobile-friendly websites relevant to the user on top.

The rise of voice search function: The long task of typing and feeding the search box with keywords to get the desired result no longer bothers the users. With smart search option, one can use his voice to browse the internet. Either you’re driving or involved in multi-tasking, voice search helps you do the desired task without any difficulty. Not because it’s safer, but it’s quicker than the conventional typing practices. The pain in typing a search query no longer hinders the browsing. As the trend is shifting towards more technological order, almost every mobile devices are equipped with voice option now. The different mobile manufacturers use different voice-responsive assistants: Microsoft uses Cortana, Android devices use Google Now, and Apple uses Siri. In line to meet the escalating technology, one should always be braced to tackle the demand in any way. In order to get found through voice, searches use keywords that can be spoken easily. Long-tail keywords are mostly spoken by users. Adults mostly use voice search feature while driving, jogging, cooking and while watching TV; teens stick to use voice feature mostly when watching TV and when they’re with friends.

As the new year is approaching, business persons have become involved in the rush to provision new strategies that will make them a tough competitor. Companies always look for the long sight and vision that they can rely upon for prolonged time. There are many digital marketing agencies in Noida that can help any standard of brand gain popularity by showing up on the top of SERPs. With changing formulae and tactics every year, stick to the notions of digital experts that can help your brand get the desired outcome.

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. Contact him at


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