LinkedIn got an Update! Things You Should Know About It.

Apr 29, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

Everybody`s favourite business booming network LinkedIn got a major update introduced earlier this year, but are you aware of what that is?

For the ever-growing business-oriented social platform, LinkedIn announced an exciting new feature of Live Streaming (can we expect drum rolls please!) called LinkedIn Live. While the Live Streaming feature is already present in other significant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and marketers were already taking advantage of the function, but now it earns a professional tag to it.

Currently, their live video broadcast service debut remains a pilot project and only a selected few LinkedIn members in the United States share the access to broadcast real-time video to specific groups or across the entire platform network. However, soon it will be rolled out for all their users, once the testing phase is over. Till then find out how your company can be at its top game in the online marketing landscape with this handful feature. Because we know after LEGOS everybody loves to play around with the various online marketing tools and explore the different trends.

Live Video Idea Inspirations For You To Play Around With!

Bring your Product Out From the Cabinet

If your company is into manufacturing and selling of products, can there be another better way of promoting and launching your innovations? Use this platform to talk about the new features and updates you introduce to your product. Videos have always entertained and engaged the crowd, so turn the live streaming to your advantage and give away few of your precious products as a bonus to your users for their association and loyalty.

Livecast the Conferences and Events, you Participate

You will find all the ambitious professionals from different parts of the globe on LinkedIn who are either going through your profile or vice versa. You are highly likely to see their presence in all the industry events, small-scale meetups or wide-scale conferences you attend. Thus live broadcast of the meetings on LinkedIn is a brilliant idea when you want to drive impressive results for your business. Remember to put your best foot forward.

Ditch Traditional Presentations

Select a hot trending topic corresponding to your industry and give a thought to hosting fireside chat. When you take your viewers through a deep path on topics related to your field of action your company will benefit through the leads that automatically start falling on your lap. Prepare for the session like you would prepare for professional interviews.

Host a session on FAQ`s

Another exciting way to make the most of the live streaming feature for your brand is by organising Question and Answer sessions or by addressing the FAQs in another live session. For raising brand awareness, this is one brilliant window of opportunity for your brand to leverage.

Address the most significant Industry Trends and News

LinkedIn is the hub for business professionals for making professional connections. The viewers of your Live Streams will include your co-workers and prospective clients interested in working with your brand. If you provide your viewers with a weekly summary of the latest industry developments, you will come across as an expert in your niche. The tone will be completely business oriented and professional, and you will benefit by saving a great deal of time and energy from writing a blog or putting up a detailed You-tube video.

While the rules for live streaming will be mostly similar on LinkedIn to that of Facebook and Youtube the only difference will be a touch of professionalism. Keep in mind not to live stream on multiple platforms at the same time. Try maintaining some exclusivity for your LinkedIn account. Rest, if you think it`s not your cup of tea let Digitalabs guide you with the pool of creative strategies to reach people without littering anybody`s news feed.  


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