Multi channel Marketing Vs Omnichannel Marketing: Which Is The Way To Go?

May 23, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

In current times it is impossible to track down a Shoppers journey or even predict because we, as human beings personally cannot really predict what we are ourselves looking for as we are spoilt for choices while trying to browse a product online. While you are trying to buy a ladder for home, 10 minutes later you may find yourself searching for shoe cabinet and dining tables. Are you even ready to face what you are looking for? Do you freak out when you think about a particular thing, and you see it displayed online as an ad after some time? To be honest, there is no Rocket Science behind it and here is what you need to know about to most widely used marketing channels.

Multi-Channel Marketing versus Omni-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing spans over various channels, for example, mobile, social, direct mail and even physical location. With different strategies and goals, each channel has a different working mode, that is not very personalised and can leave the customer very confused. Whereas Omni-Channel Marketing strives to give a consistent and personalised experience for the consumer across multiple channels and devices, that is easy to access and is strategised to deliver a consistent engagement.

Here are some of the reasons why Omni-Channel Marketing is a total win-win!

The message of the brand

With its Prime attention on the customer, Omni-channel Marketing focuses on integrating all channels to engage the customer in a personalised way rather than spreading different messages across different platforms and losing the main focus.

Consistent message

As human beings, we are all fond of consistency, and Omni-channel focuses on providing better customer experience that strives to deliver the same message and personalised experience via every channel instead of lacking integration.

Personalised experience

Complete call to action omnichannel method what is an additional effort to know the customers needs and preferences to deliver a completely personalised experience that not only grab the customers attention helps the marketer together data for future marketing.

If you are losing your customer to the big giant, it is time for you to get help as your brand is crying for it and you are maybe ignoring it as a bad parent. Many digital marketing experts can help you with bettering your marketing skills and attend the cries of your brand`s marketing needs. Multi-channel marketing is now null and void marketing method that died in the stone age. But you will still see many e-commerce brands are still unable to cope up with the changing marketing trends and are still trying to make do with the conventional style without realising that it is not worth it. The all-new Omni-Channel Marketing might be one of the last resorts your brand is waiting for to create a huge impact, are you can say, to take over the entire market in style.


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