Onsite SEO Issues To Avoid In 2019

Jul 05, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

What are some of the SEO mistake you made in 2018? Now pull up a list for 2017 and the year before. Do you see a pattern there? Have you been overstuffing your content with long-tail keywords again, Ben? If you notice a pattern of the same mistakes which shows up every time, maybe you are doing something fundamentally wrong. Let us go through some pitfalls that you can avoid this year by doing certain things a little differently. Are you ready for a positive change? 

Linking-Quantity is over quality, right?

Sorry to break your bubble, but no! Putting too many backlinks is definitely not the shortcut to success. One can easily shell out funds to purchase, as it is pretty quick, affordable and fairly easy. Any SEO agency will build a bunch of links for you, but if the links are penalized or have a low DA, it can work against your website. Hence having useful quality links rather than having a way to any of them is the best way to go about it.

More Keywords=Better

Keyword heavy does not necessarily mean good content. In fact, if you are not careful, your articles can look robotic, with its unnatural placements of keywords. Keyword stuffing not only makes you look like you are trying too hard (which you probably are) and also takes away from the message of a  piece of content, while you attempt to slyly manipulate your way to a high rank in search results. Instead, focus on curating useful and productive content with the usage of a few keywords which are used in context.

Authority sites republishing content

Having an authority site republish your content is generally a win-win as you let a site publish your content and you get a link back to your website, drawing in traffic, and potentially, sales. However, it brings out the possibility of duplicate content, which is not suitable for your source site. In general, a whopping 29% drop in traffic is witnessed when an authority site republishes your content. However, if you coax the authority site to follow the simple rule of using a canonical tag pointing back to your URL, you might not get penalized for duplicate content. 

Avoiding A/B testing

The myth that A/B testing is bad for your business is ridiculous as it can, in fact, open doors for you. Sure, you might have to create duplicate content temporarily, but the odds are in your favour, as there is a chance of an increase in conversions make up for it. Additionally, there is no real record of seeing a drop in traffic due to an A/B test. If you are worried about duplicate content, you can always non-index the variation.
SEO is an essential element in the digital marketing ecosystem. No matter how pretty your website is, how well-worded your blogs are, or how aggressive your social media strategies are if your SEO game is weak, you will have little to no conversions, and you will be missing out on a massive chunk of your potential viewers. If you already have an SEO consultant and you still find yourself facing the same problems time and again, it might be about time you reconsider the same old means and measures which are probably outdated and are ready to retire.

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