Read, Predict and React to Social Media Appropriately #wizardsofwednesday

Jun 13, 2018
by Digitalabs

Social media is a boon to developing businesses. It offers a profitable and easily accessible digital market platform that enhances your business's visibility by increasing its presence. By using the correct strategy in social media, one can build a network that helps a brand create its own vibe of success and recognition. By giving only a few hours per week, over 91% of businesses claimed that their social marketing efforts hugely increased their brand visibility and increased user experience.  Here is a food for thought, however- how do some brands tend to become more successful and popularity than the rest by using a social media hype?

Before using social media for your business, a good knowledge is required about its correct use along with understanding the nuances and requirements of the audience and customers of the business. It is very vital for a business to understand the appropriate way to decode the reaction of its audience, along with a sound response to the reaction without causing any harm to the reputation of the brand. When someone is reaching out to you and your brand on social media, you will always need to be listening and ready to respond. Regardless of where your business or brand's social media effort stands, it is always considered smart to assess your social response strategy.

Here are certain tips to read, predict and react to social media appropriately:

There is no universal rule

There is no universal law for handling reviews and comments on your brand's social media profiles. There are brands which have very tight controls over their Social Media Marketing portals and there are some which have no control at all. But, this is the area where you might want to experiment, as this might be the arena where losing a few small battles might make you an overall winner. For instance, if a customer is posing outrageous comments, responding politely with valid points might make you look strong and sound.

Bad reviews should be hidden

This is an easy way to deal with bad or negative reviews. It states that you delete the review before other potential customers scrolls through them. This lessens some of the conflicts, easing to diffuse the situation, and the reviewer may lose his or her interest at the lack of notice and attention, and go away.

Disable tagging

Tagging can bring positive attention as well as negative attention. It is up to you if you want to disable tagging to keep away the negative attention and give up on the positive ones and vice versa. It is advisable for you to study the amount of positive and negative comments, check the higher count and take a call.

Report the bad guy

If a user is constantly abusing you and your brand with abusive statements and bullying manner, you may be able to get Facebook or other social management authorities help, to take action against them, which can be useful if it makes it difficult for them to attack you online.

Ban specific keywords

You may want to avoid certain keywords in your comment section to control the comment filter. So you can filter the comments with the list of keywords, their synonyms and ban the keywords from appearing in your social media review section. This way, any comment that holds one of the banned keywords will become automatically hidden, so no one seeing the page will be conscious it was added at all.

While including social media in your business plan, it is very important to include a proper strategy and a plan at hand to address all the inquiries, complaints and comments. Regardless of the brand or business's size, responding to social media with an appropriate plan is always going to come handy in building a positive presence. Executing great social responsibility can encourage loyalty and wow customers.


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