Recycling Old Content: A Tricky Area!

Apr 18, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

While talking about content marketing let’s address the fact that coming up with new content week after week leaves you at a tricky spot. It’s not every day that you go for a shower and come out with brilliant ideas. Hitting the jackpot and stumbling across fresh topics to write about is a task similar to fitting in your old pair of jeans. Challenging! But with some adjustment, you can make it work.  

So, once you have hit that iceberg that spells stagnancy what your marvellous plan is? In 2019, the trend of repurposing old content is undoubtedly one big opportunity that every digital marketing company should exploit! You may already have a goldmine of content which you need to put in a blender and stir up with some good formats. You have higher chances that your new followers will relate to it unless you throw random ABCD’s their way. Also, your existing audience will be happy and engaged to read the old content as long as beautifully presented.

5 Advanced Techniques To Breathe New Life To Your Old Content!

Lure Your Audience with a Video Tutorial

Marketers favor video tutorials as it is popular with the audience. It is the most happening way to engage your followers. Who doesn’t like a good story after all? They get the liberty to watch, share with friends and save it for later. The video’s do not have to be that heavy on content, and your audience can watch it anytime while relaxing or travelling on a bus. Turn your old content into a high-quality video tutorial and enjoy the traffic and shares that follow.

A Follow Up to Your Best-Performing Blog

Find out which blog or article fed you the most likes and shares and introduce a part two follow up to that blog. Suppose you wrote a blog about beginners guide to the best social media practices which outperformed your other blogs. Now, present your readers with a new blog that is of advanced level. This will keep your audience hooked to you as they can expect fresh and informative content from your end.

Take Idea From Your Listicles

You can take help from your listicles and use those topics to turn into creative and fresh new posts. Identify your best-performing listicle and focus on the items mentioned, creating separate posts for every item that was initially published in the listicle. This is a great way to breakdown one article into separate smaller ones adding more depth and providing more understanding and information to your reader.

How About A Podcast?

The podcast listeners know what they want. They want their content rich in substance. Dust off the detailed blogs you find in your archive. Do some editing, formatting, scripting and turn it into amazing podcasts. Focus on your writing such that your content comes out naturally to your listeners which will help them to relate and bond with you. Further, you can upload your podcasts on different platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbay and build a new audience for every platform. You can wrap your old content in a new jacket not only through Podcasts but also by converting it into infographics and slideshows.

We have the Question. Do you have the Answer?

Go through your old blogs and visit the comment section. Find out what your readers liked about the content and whether they have any questions. It is highly likely your audience holds a lot of questions and seeks answers. This means you can consider writing FAQ blogs that answers to all their essential questions and give you a new way to engage with your audience.

Grasping your audience’s attention is as hard as attending to a little child. They both want something new; if you fail to provide it there can be a deviation in the attention you get. And guess what? They will have a new favorite to replace you! Which is why you need to focus more on revamping your content marketing strategy while still digging deep into your treasure trove of older content. Remember if they liked it before, they would like it now!


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