Reddit and Quora for Marketing: A New Dimension

Jun 18, 2018
by Agam Chaudhary

Digital Marketing solely strives on content.

Businesses are able to generate massive traffic and conversions by making use of quality content as basic means of promotion. Websites, social media problems and blog posts serve as gold mines of content marketing opportunities.

Although Reddit and Quora are two distinct platforms but one shares the same goals when using them:

1. Gain intelligence and accumulate awareness through a targeted community.

2. Develop an authentic connection with prospective customers and friends.

3. Propose to dissolve the conundrums of an entire community.

4. Flaunt your expertise and become a credible source amongst the community.

5. Acquire a substantial customer base without much brainstorming.

In this post, we are going to help you generate an understanding on how to leverage these two underrated and often ignored tactics to step up your marketing plans, and waltz into a world with largest marketing potential. Even if your niche is quite restricted, you will easily find at least a few thousand possible consumers on Quora or Reddit.

Something to acknowledge and strictly adhere to: When marketing on Quora and Reddit “Subtlety” is the key.

How to make Reddit work for you?

Reddit is primarily an entertainment site which is not a place but a community. No matter you have ideal content, but Reddit cannot be approached the same way AS Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. People on Reddit (called Redditors) appreciate transparency and authenticity from the advertisers. If you dive into the platform trying to be persistent in selling your content, you might get banned, and your websites might get blacklisted. Spam and hard selling are not digested well; thus it can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Apart from paid ads, to make an impact on Reddit, it is crucial you find the suitable Subreddit (an entire page on Reddit dedicated to one of the thousands of subjects and topics) related to your organization or brand and start putting in your efforts to become a part. After you find an appropriate Subreddit, it is a best option to create an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for your brand to both get your name out there and interact with potential customers. Another reason to embed Reddit as your marketing trick is to find out more about your audience through Subreddit on almost anything.

For Reddit, it is essential that you limit 10% of your posts for self-promotional activity. Try that 90% of your posts are attractive, have nothing to do with you, and found relevant by the community. Your approach should focus on sounding informational rather than promotional, and over time the necessary change will become visible as people will begin to trust you as a credible source naturally.

How to make Quora work for you?

Quora offers you a real public face in front of your target audience. It encourages you to be yourself and thus gives an edge over Reddit. You are honest about yourself and your brand on Quora which you can utilize to reap benefits by creating a sterling reputation for your brand.

In order to generate useful leads on Quora, you must be smart enough to identify the appropriate questions and acknowledge them in an insightful manner that people start following you. For somebody who wants to expand their business, it is imperative that you have an appealing Bio on Quora. Focus on your particular niche to get high-quality traffic. Wasting your time on subjects irrelevant to your business will not help you generate effective leads. Search for keywords related to your business and concentrate on answering them. Strategize what type of questions you are going to target, include diversity, create your own style of answering questions such that people are lured to read your opinions and maintain a constant social presence for your business to thrive.

Digitalabs verdict on Reddit or Quora?

Both these Q&A websites are capable of impressively promoting your business, increasing your sales and app installs, generating leads and traffic and lifting the search engine ranking of your website. If your audience has their presence on both the platforms, but you don’t have enough time to manage them together, the only solution is to PRIORITISE!

>If your focus is Public brand building. Select Quora.

>If your focus is on collecting information anonymously. Select Reddit.

As long as you maintain your distance from spamming you can thoughtfully engage with other people and find a dedicated customer base with steady efforts.

Agam Chaudhary, a digital marketing consultant with a comprehensive experience of a decade in the marketing domain, cultivates an extensive vision of marketing. He fosters a firm belief in tangible results and his experience, intuitiveness, and expertise help him score the results he aims for- bridging the gap between digital marketing and business enterprises to bring about mutual success! He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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