Service reviews-the game changer for your business!

Mar 07, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

The brands of different domains have delved into the online marketing terrain with zeal and have readjusted themselves to be more interactive with their customers than were a decade back. They open themselves up for reviews and dive headfirst into social media hoping to increase brand awareness and acquire more customers, be it through an actual review site or social media in general. However, only few understand that if you have opened yourself up for reviews, you should be expecting both positive and negative responses. Many are disappointed when it does not pan out the way they anticipated.

According to a survey, a significant 58 percent said they were more likely to share customer service experiences today than they were five years ago, with more and more people sharing experiences on social networking sites and writing online reviews. Like it or not, these reviews are effecting the brand more imperatively than you might realize. Let us explore some ways in which one can make a brand’s reviews more positive and handle them in a healthier way.

Deal with reviews smartly: Responding to a positive review shows a customer that you care and builds a bond of trust, which can be unwavering, and a fundamental thread between the brand and the customer. A brand should focus on such bonds more than reacting only to negative reviews. Subsequently, the way you respond to a negative comment can reflect onto all your customers how you deal with a customer complaint. Therefore, the replies should be graceful, short, to the point, and well thought out. The customers can feel especially devalued when they receive canned responses which are copy-pasted to every bad review. Many brands take professional aid for such online brand reputation management.

Take concrete corrective steps: It is important to understand that the negative reviews exist in the first place because of negative services. If you have a problem with bad reviews, take a close look at your processes and figure out how to improve your customer service. Reach out to the people with negative reviews and offer closure- extension of a free trial or a free upgrade. Improve the basics and the bad reviews will soon be left far behind.

Display your reviews: Make it easier for your customers to read your reviews easily with a simple ‘read our reviews’ button, so that there is no ambiguity. Doing this can let the customers read about other positive experiences and coaxes them to leave their own reviews in the site too, without wasting a lot of time.

Sectionalize your reviews: Manage you reviews in a way that enables you to sectionalize the kind of review you get into categories. Maybe two different buttons like ‘feedbacks’, which links to the reviews and ‘suggested changes’, which links to a personal message, can help segregate the good reviews from the bad ones and help the brand to come up with a system to deal with both efficiently.

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The contemporary lifestyle is all about double-checking online reviews before buying a product or services. The power of supremacy is the palms of the customers and the experiences shared by them. With the adverse variety of outlets to share those experiences, it can get tricky to manage the reviews. An overwhelming 90 percent of people reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews. Each review, good or bad, are creating tangible influences on your brand. The online review is a dynamic entity that watches a brand’s every move and forces them to validate their good and bad decisions. This in turn, rightfully, makes the brand conscious of its actions and morality and keeps their integrity in check.


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