Simplifying Editorial SEO

May 16, 2019
by Rakesh Tulsiani

If you are an editor or have a team of editors, writers, journalists who write day in and day out and compose the content for websites, having SEO knowledge besides knowing other best practices is not just an added advantage but MANDATORY. No matter, you come up with original content, but unless your content is channelised to be digitally omnipresent and turn up in organic search, it is a futile effort. Quality of the content is an aspect where you cannot bargain, but there are other specific rules which if followed to the T will help you adapt to the evolving nature of SEO  and make your jaw drop with intense organic search growth.

Rationale Behind The Discussion

Engaging content of supreme quality brings the traffic to your brands doorstep. While claiming the top spot in the search result is every brand's priority, creating the right content that makes the journey smooth should be one too. The editorial team has responsibilities of being the Content Nazi and making sure the content quality is consistent, seo services in madurai as per Google, and error proof or else your search rankings hang on the noose. If you have your eyes on the winning pedestal, one way to surpass intense competition is through freshly brewed web content created by tapping on the customer's search engine conduct and requirement. Thus, for an efficient editorial strategy, your content goals should be streamlined with your customer's digital search to break through today's SERP, and this involves more than just stuffing keywords cleverly.

The Editorial SEO Bucket List!

Hard-to-Miss Headlines

The headlines for the web content should be powerful enough to grab your customer's attention in seconds and compel them to read the valuable data you provide inside. These headlines should be alluring, descriptive and relatable. One good way to take your content to places is by smartly using puns.

Catching up on Competitors

Find out what your successful competitors are up to. Which keywords or phrases have their recent attention and are all over their website. Curate good base content and don't restrict your thoughts in any manner. Let the words loose!

Fancy up the Links

If you want your readers to click for more information after a statement, don't rely on 'Click Here' to do the trick. It's old, boring and something that will make your readers forget about you in no seconds. Make use of descriptive links instead. In a Moz survey, the brightest minds of search marketing revealed that external descriptive links improve the ranking power broadly.

Don't miss to get the Image right

Image formatting should very much be on the list, as it's one factor that can differentiate great content from good Plain-Jane content. The images need to be formatted and resized so that they load instantly. Image loading is often the deciding factor if your reader wants to continue reading or leave you in the middle. You may have appealing content, but if the images don't load, the content is doomed!

The fundamentals of editorial SEO include reader-friendly content that goes hand in hand with the search engines, which is more than just keywords. At Digitalabs, we keep the editorial SEO ball rolling and can help you come up with content that is in conformity with the editorial checklist. While content is King, in order to leverage high-quality drive rankings, it needs an update from time to time with the changing rules in SEO formatting.


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