Social Media Campaigns which Shook the Internet!

Jul 05, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Social Media has opened many doors for marketing and has enabled many brands to reach across to various people, bearing news about their business. No matter what you selling and to whom, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand and increase returns. Without social media, a large section of people would never hear about any upcoming brands, and all effort invested on a product or a service will stay stagnant. Social media comes to rescue and bridges this gap, improves awareness of your brand, increase the number of visitors to your website, and helps a brand earn more money. Social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing and 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form, so there is no denying how imperative it is for your business. However, once in a while, there comes a social media campaign which leaves us staggered with awe, leaves us inspired and takes the cake. Let us go through some of the most innovation social media campaigns to have seen the light of day.

Dove #RealBeauty: Dove challenges the socially accepted idea of beauty with its popular and well-circulated #RealBeauty legacy. This campaign establishes that it is time to break the stereotypical ideas of beauty, and accept and celebrate all kinds of people with their own special differences.

Ariel #ShareTheLoad: Keeping alive the legacy of Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad, this year too the campaign hinted towards gender equality. The social setup of indian families is questioned and a reformation in the thoughts is brought up, coaxing the men in the families to sit up, put their ominous newspapers away, take notice and offer a helping hand to their other halves.

Deepika Padukone #DobaraPoocho: This campaigns addresses depression and how many people don’t reach out to their immediate cycle, not willing the risk of appearing nosy or invading someone’s private space. Being a victim of depression herself, Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone introduced her Live Love Laugh Foundation through a campaign which left all of us teary-eyed.

Mia by Tanishq #BestAtWork: Uplifting the spirits of working women, Tanishq revealed their new jewelry portal titled Mia by Tanishq through a campaign, #BestAtWork. After years of being asked to wear minimal or no jewellery at work, in fear of ‘distracting’ the clients from the work at hand, Mia encourages them to flaunt their spark without a fear.

Tata Salt #NamakKeWaastey: This Rio 2016, Tata Salt, one of the sponsors of the Indian Olympics contingent, had launched ‘Namak Ke Waastey’, an integrated campaign to build awareness, pride and respect for our athletes. It managed to strike the chord and became popular for a long time.

Even though Social Media Marketing is hugely competitive and the audience comes with a very short attention span, there is no dearth of creativity and innovation in the present generation. Creative a successful social media campaign is all about striking the chord with audience and conveying a message which sticks. With right targeting, timing and an impactful message of a campaign, a brand can reach the greater heights of success, build awareness and coax a higher volume of traffic inflow. There are many online marketing agencies in India to help us serve this purpose, elevate a brand, and draw towards it the visibility it deserves.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 11 years. He specializes in crafting digital marketing solutions for brands in India and abroad, like LG Electronics, HT, Religare etc. Contact him at


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