Step-by-step Guide to Create the Perfect Social Media Contest

Apr 26, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

There are two things that the world never gets tired of- sex and social media. Period. So, there is a fair chance that there will be someone doing social media better than you, if not sex. Even if you are unbeatable in the latter sphere, there is a whole lot of things you can do better in social media. With the ever-evolving creative geniuses around the world that are coming up with incredible ideas that sweep the social media contests for days, it is important to take notes about how they actually do it? Social media contest is a like hot balloon ride, if it`s successful, you will get to see the world`s best view, and if it fails, you straight away crash and land on your face.

May the social media Gods bless you in abundance with the following guiding steps:

Count the cash and do the math

Before making your audience understand, know what you want out of this contest. It can be anything from selling your in-house products to promoting a new range of services. This is going to cost, and that is why set your limit as to how much you are going to spend. It is advisable to keep some extra buck in-hand!

Decide the bait and hook it well

Before everything else, decide what to want to give as the prize. The prize should be luring enough to make the audience want to win it. Even if it is as cliche as a pen, make it fancy to look stunning on social media.

Choose the pools you want to swim in

Decide the social media channels you want to run the contest in. The theme of the contest should not stick out like a sore thumb on the channels and thus `one size does not after all fit everyone.` So, filter and stream the contest that complements the layout of the channel.

Determine the length of the fishing rod

Make it time-bound. Make it a week-long contest, or a one-day contest or even run for a month. But, just make sure that it creates an urgency among the audience, and nobody misses the deadline.

Okay! The commandments to swear by

There should be a rulebook, about the specifications that one needs to keep in mind while participating. It can be a hashtag, a photo or even tagging friends. But, make sure you yourself read the rules and conditions of each social media channel before posting.

Create all the uproar for yourself

Promote the contest and create the uproar. You can do a countdown to increase the excitement or even have nano-contests before the big one. Anything that keeps your audience hooked, just do it.

Hit those lights. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.

Watch the entire play unfold. Declare the winner and thank all the participants. Each and everyone is a potential customer, and thus it is up to you to convert them.

Everyone loves winning in life. You will never hear a sane person saying that he or she loves to fail at everything. Whether you want to create a social media contest that can allow every participant to take home cakes or be wise enough to choose the best or even make it random, several social media experts can guide you to do that. If you are just starting off, and in serious need of hand-holding, or you are trying hard to make an impact with already a lot of unsuccessful attempts under your belt, please seek help! As it goes without saying that social media is a wet cement, you either leave your mark or you are caught in a bad space forever.


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