Step to improve Data Hygiene-Pronto!

May 14, 2019
by Digitalabs

Data hygiene is something that has long been overlooked in the business world. Most companies handle digital data rather poorly. Have you ever received the same email twice or even thrice from an organisation? Have you ever received emails which are completely irrelevant to you? These blunders happen because of poor data hygiene.

How do I clean my databases?

Chances are that your data is in dire need of maintenance. Databases are the backbone of marketing, especially email and SMS marketing. Hygienic data improves the efficiency of its utilization. Here are a few pointers that can enhance data cleansing and help you maintain a hygienic and healthy database:

Excel at Excel

Cleaning data manually can be a hassle – that is a huge understatement. Cleaning data manually is just unbearable and that is exactly why our Lord and saviour, Douglas Klunder blessed us with what we know today as Microsoft Excel. Duplication is a key culprit which results in bad data and Excel has a simple-to-use function: ‘Remove Duplicates’. Apart from this revolutionary tool, there are a lot of others which can make data cleansing a cakewalk.

Repair faulty data

Manual data entering can result in spelling mistakes, typos, etc. This is something that has to be done manually. Go through your data – check for mistakes, invalid characters and blank spaces. For your marketing to be wholesome, your data needs to be too. It can be a daunting task but hey – No pain, no gain.


Verification of data is as important as deletion of duplicates and repairment of broken data. For instance, verify which telephone numbers in your database are still working as well as what data is no longer relevant to your organization. Verify and Update – that is the motto.

Educate and liberate

This is one of the most important and effective steps to maintain a healthy database. The process of countering bad databases can start as soon as during the process of data entering itself. Train your marketers, so that they can have avoid inculcating bad data and maintain a healthy database from the start. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Moreover, this training can also eliminate the need of any external help in maintenance of data hygiene as your staff would be able to do it themselves.

Leave it to the experts

Data cleansing comes under the larger process of marketing. It is a vital aspect that affects the whole process of marketing, digital or otherwise. For people ardent on doing it themselves, there are Software available on the market (We’ve already mentioned Excel) which can ease up the process. But there is a better way to deal with data management – hiring a marketing agency. Apart from data handling, digital agencies like our own Digitalabs can benefit your brand in countless other ways.

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