Tailored Solutions for Traditional Companies to Shift to the Digital Realm.

Sep 20, 2019
by Digitalabs

The face of every industry is continuously altering with innovation in technology, and the tremors of digital working are getting stronger year after year. What’s more, the rules of the competition are getting redefined, and in order to survive and thrive, the traditional companies need a digital makeover.
However, to adapt to the digital age, traditional companies must bid goodbye to the old practices. To harness the digital universe for maximum impact and growth, they need to reformulate new strategies.
Let’s find out how they can leapfrog through digital adoption using few incredibly resilient business models and keep up with the changes.

Right steps for long-term success!

Migrate to the Cloud
The cloud-based systems take away a lot of workload of the businesses. It is scalable, reliable, easy to access, and can be integrated with other technologies. You don’t need to worry about physical hardware to store vast piles of data or software.
Click the ‘Upgrade’ button and the software upgrades introducing multiple other benefits for the company. Some standard cloud computing services traditional companies can begin with include IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
Out-of-the-box Thinking
There is an existing rivalry between the loyal customers of Domino’s and Pizza Hut, but Domino’s digital transformation got it some brownie points. It was one of those innovative companies that embraced technology to make information available in real-time.
It was the first pizza joint which introduced an online pizza tracker and kept its hungry audience amused even while waiting. It’s a real example of how a Traditional company utilized the digital sphere appropriately through their unconventional thinking.  
Target Customer Group Personally
To adapt to the digital revolution, businesses need to build intimacy with their targeted customer base. This can be done through personal messaging, emails, and advertisements on social media once they have their hands on the treasure trove of gathered data.
The digital landscape allows traditional companies to go the extra mile and cater well to their customers. Through personalization, they can seep into their customer’s digital lifestyle and offer an unmatched experience.
Proctor and Gamble actively observed how half of the world was spending the majority of their time on digital channels and took a digital-first approach. Their Always Like Girl Campaign on digital space emotionally connected with their customers and created a valuable fan base.
Talking about traditional businesses switching to digital adoption, it is necessary to stress that the digital transformation is not the ultimate destination. Because it is the digital age, it makes sense that every business realise its essence while it’s still time. They must utilize it to continue being the leaders and a threat to their competitors.
Don’t look at adapting to the digital landscape as following a sheep behavior because currently, it is the only potent solution for survival.

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