Ten Ways To Learn Social Media Effectively

Jul 31, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

Social Media platform is among those channels that can either be very interesting or very boring. You would either be successful interacting with your customers or it will give you no results at all. People who know the correct tactics that bring them great results are the ones who can actually do social media but the other keeps spinning the social wheel coming up with no results.

Many people simply use the social platform where they post links to the content they had created, thinking that people would go through it and then share it with others. They create profiles without thinking and keep doing their work of self-promotion but end up with no results. Doing social media without knowing the correct ways is equal to spamming.

Being social and marketing your services to the networks requires a lot of hard work. Let’s learn about the ways that make us acquire the skills successfully and also take full advantage of it as a beginner.

Decide which one to choose

As a beginner, you should be sure of which profiles to open on the social media platform. Opening too many profiles and working on only a few of them will not turn out to be fruitful for your company. This is a mistake that most of the beginners make and thus, in the end, they quit without getting any benefit. The best way to decide on the profile is by following the leaders in your niche. If they have more followers in Twitter than on Facebook, then this is an indication that you are going to get benefit more from Twitter than from Facebook. Thus investing more time efficiently in Twitter will be better than wasting time on other profiles.

Optimization of the social media profiles

Your website should have links to your social media profiles. This will optimize your profiles increasing your chances of getting more followers and this will also enhance the SEO efforts you make. You should also follow some general rules to maintain your profiles. The first thing is to make your followers trust you. As it’s a social profile, you should be the real person people interact with. Also, a good description added will make people take your profile seriously.

Your blogs or website should be connected to the social media pages

Your website should be connected to your social media pages after your profiles are ready. It is very important to follow the correct procedure as every platform has a set procedure to follow. A good combination of the two would mean that both the search engines and the social media websites know which of the websites corresponding to which one of the social media pages.

Social media buttons should be added to your website

After connecting your business social media pages to your website, you are required to add social media buttons on it so that the content can be shared easily by the readers. There are many methods and plugins to do the same depending on the platform. Always keep the buttons above the fold so to increase exposure and also have larger buttons to get more clicks.

Know the influencers in your specialized section

By this time we have the correct social media tools for us, the profiles are optimized, then the website is connected with the social media pages and finally, buttons are added for maximum interaction. The natural step after this would be to have the followers who would follow. The first step would be to follow the influencers.

When you start to follow the influencers of your niche they won’t follow you as you have fewer followers. But in this way, you can tell them about yourself and also follow their followers. Thus you should follow the followers of famous people as following them would mean that some of them would follow you back. You will also be able re-share useful information that they share.

Balance between followers and following

When you start following a lot of people, please keep in mind to have a balance between the followers and following as its always a better idea. This balance is very important in Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. This becomes a matter of trust as you can make out who is trusted the most, a person who has 1000 followers but he is following 3000 or a person who has 530 following and is following 500. A profile becomes strong when there are more followers than following.

Share what’s interesting (content)

The content is always the king. Thus whatever content is being posted on the profiles should be a useful and interesting to read and that it can also be shared by the followers. Sharing useful content you can get more reshares, which would mean more visitors that would visit your website. Also, this may become the reason for getting you more customers.

Post many but not too many times

A very common question that is put up by people is that for the number of times one should post on their profiles. But it actually depends on the network. Onn Facebook you can post as many times you like but the business page, you are required to post only 1-2 times per day as there are set guidelines for it. In twitter, it is all about getting the exposure so you can post as many times. You should not over do with your postings in Google+ business and profile page as it may give you opposite results. Lastly, in Pinterest, only a few times would be enough for your posts to appear.

Follow the ones following you

Never forget to follow the people who are following you. Adopt the habit of viewing people who are following you and also decide which ones to follow. If you do not do this, you would probably lose the followers. This why you may have noticed a decrease in the number of followers.

Be patient and follow the rules

Once you open your profiles you really need to be patient and don’t be in a hurry to get results. The results will take time. The focus of the profile should be to make it strong by giving the best content that people can re share and thus improve the number of followers. In this way, you will also be trusted by all them and the time for you to become the influencer in your niche would not be far. Being patient and following the rules is key to become an influencer.

When it comes to social media, two things are the most important things to remember. Once you have built up all the profiles you want according to your niche, you should just wait and be patient. Also, your profiles should be well connected to your website. The second most important aspect is to follow the right people so that you are also followed by the right ones, also share interesting content that is relevant and is remembered for a long time. If you want to start your own digital marketing company in India, it becomes all the more important for you to be the best at social media.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary is a marketing consultant, with an extensive experience of over 10 years in the marketing domain. He specializes in digital marketing, marketing trends and strategies and provides valuable insights for the Digitalabs team, an interactive digital agency of repute. Contact him at agam@digitalabs.in.


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