The Fine Line Between Active Consumers Service and Protection of Privacy

Apr 15, 2019
by Agam Chaudhary

The internet knows everything that you are doing, predicting all your actions and calculating all your moves. Scary? That is the reality that nobody really talks about. How is it possible that the internet shows you the exact ‘purple sequined cushion’ that you were planning to buy early in the morning and the suggestion pops up? The big elephant in the room is the protection of privacy and guess what, it's not only the duty of the giant brands and companies that can get sacked or be in big trouble like Facebook but, every big or small company can be at the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Here are certain things to lock inside your company’s privacy policies if you don’t want to be questioned on law and ethical grounds:

Scavenge Like A Hawk In The Sensitive Area

On the process of collecting data from your consumers and potential customers, there are mansensitivey sensitive data that comes your way which are sensitive like legal documents and credit or debit card numbers. It can mean catastrophe in the wrong hands and thus there is an urgent need of a telescope to check, safe keep and store the data.

Be A Marie Kondo In Your Data Collection

No one can push you out of a car if you are already not in a car. Makes sense? Why take the responsibility when you can actually do without it? Instead of asking for more and more sensitive data from your customers and increase your platter of safekeeping, it's better to only ask for the things that you will really need for your business.

In The World Of Sensitive Data, Be Captain America

Captain America would risk his own life for the protection of his people. So, if a customer is trusting you with their private and delicate data, it is your duty to protect that data from going into the wrong hands. It will be not only embarrassing to tell your customer about the compromised data but also wrong in the eyes of the law.

Shoutout Loud About The Policies

The Privacy Policy Regulators will not buy the ‘copy and paste’ document seriously if you don't take it seriously. It is important to abide by the policy that you are posting out openly. It is also important to post it openly when you are done with jotting down the policies.

Even if you do not care about your customer’s data leak morally, guess who cares about it and takes it seriously? The LAW! And it is not a very pretty sight to see your own company go down in front of everyone because you could not be a good protector. Protection off customer privacy is a global concern, and people are honestly not going to live you and your company at peace when you have their life’s most sensitive data under your wing. There are agencies in NCR and all over the country that can do the job for you, or at least help you to get started and guide you in the right direction. Make sure to not learn the consequences in a hard way like Quora, FIFA, Cathay Pacific, etc.


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