The importance of RSS feed!

Nov 24, 2017
by Agam Chaudhary

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. This feature embraced by the sites to get connected with the subscribers has transformed the user interaction with updates of a website content. RSS feed enables users to live in touch with the online world they find relevant. The feed reader keeps a continuous flow of data published on the internet to the subscribers. It benefits the news related websites, weblogs, owners and publishers who can deliver their content directly to their subscribers by feeding it in an XML or RSS directories. Instead of allowing the permission to email, push notifications and alerts which put a great threat to the privacy, RSS feed catalogs all the different data in one single place.

Benefits of RSS feed to subscribers:

  • A single room for all news: The RSS reader can be customized for user convenience. The categories and subcategories are divided on the reader that allows you to store similar news in one group. The reader saves you a lot of time which gets consumed in browsing multiple sites.

  • No more email stacking: The RSS feature avoids spamming and Email overloading. RSS reader avails all time reading option than to waiting for an Email to arrive, or finding the email in the inbox. RSS feed works relatively faster than websites, and the best part is offline reading preference.

  • Headlines display and brief description: The RSS readers display the headlines of a story; the easy selection or navigation of articles save time. Scanning the news one by one in emails consume plenty of time. The stories or headlines that seek the interest, gets you read them at a faster pace. Every time the RSS server gets updated, notifications let you know about the blog or news updates.

Benefits of RSS feeds to publishers

  • Easier reach to the subscribers: Unlike creating a database for email subscribers, RSS sets you free from the extra time and task. This responsibility gets shared with the subscribers who can access the updated content of website right on their RSS reader. This happens automatically via the RSS feed playing a bridging role between a publisher and a subscriber.

  • Improved engagement of readers: RSS reader has the option to include the link back to your website. The easy filling of a catchy title with a short description takes the readers directly the website. The easy connection improves the B2C relationship as subscribers enjoy the privilege of easy receiving the desired content, they don’t find it the imposition of irrelevant content. This facility is automated targeting the prospects or subscribers, so the chances of engagement multiplies than to search other options to increase the audience engagement.

  • Easy subscribing, linkbacks: The publishers don’t see the door of spam gallery, in fact, the subscription option keeps the spamming far away. The link included in the RSS feeds direct the traffic to your website and this traffic has more potential than the visitors who come without an invitation. The continuous update keeps the subscribers in continuous touch and avails them the latest news and updates from the websites.

The timely revisiting the website to find fresh content disappoint a part of you if you don’t find any fresh content. But the trend has changed with the rise of orange button on every website that provides the feed subscription on a timely basis.

Let’s get to know the steps how one can subscribe to RSS feeds:

  • Find a website that you find suitable to hit the subscription button, that matches your search and you want to get a regular education from that website.

  • Find the orange icon representing RSS, click on it and the service updates from that website will be regulated to your RSS feed.

  • The subscription will generate an automated appearance of fresh content in the RSS reader which can be customized as per need.

  • Most of the sites still have written somewhere in the header or footer section “subscribe to this site”, this is a similar way to represent RSS.

  • Once you get known to the amazing power of RSS reader, you will wonder how much time you’re saving for your business. Any site can be accessed anytime, and offline reading is the beneficial part of this excellent innovation.

Author Bio: Agam Chaudhary, a digital marketing consultant with a comprehensive experience of a decade in the marketing domain, cultivates an extensive vision of marketing. He fosters a firm belief in tangible results and his experience, intuitiveness, and expertise help him score the results he aims for- bridging the gap between digital marketing and business enterprises to bring about mutual success! He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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