The Truth Behind SEO Struggle In Legacy Brands

Apr 23, 2019
by Digitalabs

The hype and buzz created by the big swanky legacy brands can be all good, but just like the potholes on Indian roads, these brands have their own loopholes. The bigger the brand, the bigger the struggle with the local SEO. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows how Starbucks synonyms coffee and how McDonald synonyms burger. But, how about the local listings? This is where the bucks stop when it comes to the big SEO games. This is where `Fancy Boutique` is bigger than `Zara`! There are multiple reasons why big brands are lacking behind in the SEO game. Here are some:

Once Established, Now Long Forgotten

Starting from where you want to eat tonight with BAE to ordering groceries online, people trust their Search Engine more than their partner. Unless you have been living under a rock for twenty years, the world has evolved, and the internet has already impacted your business in more ways than you can imagine. The age-old legacy is long forgotten, and its time you make your mark on the internet.

Trust Issues. Don`t We All Have It?

Big legacy brands have trustworthy people working for them for generations from its inception. Now, passing on all the data of the thousands of stores across the country and globe to a millennial who wears baggy pants to the office can stress anyone. But, if not a millennial, you have to trust someone or an seo services in madurai that can take care of your trust issues.

Forgot The Phone?

The website you made in the latter half of the 18th century was the prettiest sight back then, but, now what? Is it getting loaded on smartphones? Do you see where you are losing your 90% of the audience to your competitors that showed up just last year? If not mobile, your website as good as non-existent.

Big legacy brands are already so big that they keep forgetting how public memory is so short that they need to be on their feet all the time to go big EVERY SINGLE TIME. Else, that day when any small business will boom into the stature and walk in your shoes. There is no going back from there. So, before underestimating your SEO team on a global or worldwide basis, thank them and ask them to better their game, but politely.


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