Things About Web Design You Need to Know!

Sep 14, 2017
by Rakesh Tulsiani

With the advancement of technology and its unfaded role in our daily lives, users look for a smoother user experience when they are online. Thus the website needs to be interactive and relevant to any user who may be going through the website for the first time. It should respond and understand the needs of the user throughout the process of browsing. This makes it challenging for a designer who has to keep the website updated according to the trends as well as make it a user’s delight! To stay updated and well equipped, we are required to follow the latest Web Design trends in this year 2017!

End of The Conventional Web Design

Though web design is just over 20 years old, the changes in the web have been rapid and this can be seen in the websites that were designed earlier and the ones that are designed now. Earlier the web designer’s used to merely see the technological appearance of the website, but now they have a bigger role to play. They pay much attention to the user experience and thus can be called Experience Designers!

Rise of Conversational UI

It has been seen by many that conversational UI is going be the future of the web interface and the year 2016 was a big year for conversational interfaces. This year saw the use of IM apps, text based UIs, chatbots and even emojis that became popular. There are contradicting views on it as some see it as just another design trend, but we should admit to the fact that text messaging has become the new and natural way of communicating, thanks to the arrival of Facebook Messenger, iPhone Messages or Slack that have made it an unalterable part of us.

GIFs with other Animations

With the use of animations in a lot of websites, GIFs have come to the mainstream, and its use is increasing every day. They grab the user’s attention and can quite interestingly explain the workflow of an organization, give a product description and also become a guide for the users. A good one will always make the users remember your website for a longer time. With the use of tools like, Photoshop, Giphy, Web designers have all the powers to create an interesting GIF for a website.

Responsive Design

An effective way of achieving a good UX is the responsive layout. It is mainly an approach which suggests that a website’s design and its development should be able to respond to the user’s behavior and also his environment which is majorly based on screensize, platform, and the orientation. This process includes the use of flexible grids and layouts along with images and a thoughtful use of CSS media queries. This makes the website respond to the user equally irrespective of the device he’s using.

More real pictures, More Authenticity

An interesting trend in web design which is simple yet arouses curiosity is the use of pictures in the websites. The use of stock photos decreased earlier, but in 2017 it sees a comeback with its use to serve a purpose of your website. The stock photos are now replaced with real pictures. More images of the company people increase the website’s authenticity among the users. But apart from the real pictures, the use of cartoons, comic strips, and other such images are on the rise, which is an interesting way to explain or discuss an important topic.

To conclude it all, it is advisable not to involve all the trends that are listed above in your website. Every trend does not fit in all websites and what is included mainly depends on the company website and what your clients want. Putting all the above points in one may also hamper the appearance and creativity of the website. But to top it all the website should majorly focus on the user experience!

Author Bio: Rakesh Tulsiani is the Director of Digitalabs, an esteemed digital marketing agency in NCR. He has gained invaluable insights and proficiency in the field of marketing and technology over the years and continues to motivate his team with his commendable leadership skills. Contact him at

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