Tips for Creating Landing Pages that Convert!

Jun 11, 2018
by Agam Chaudhary

Let's put first things first- for an effective lead generation you need a landing page that slays in its full potential, there is simply no other substitute that can convert your traffic of online visitors into actual subscribers. No matter whether you put in a lot of money on your marketing gimmicks, maybe you offer quality deals that are worth a steal and maybe your PPC ads are just the right blend of perfection fetching you a lot of traffic. But if you don’t have a stellar landing page your business might suffer as the visiting crowd is highly unlikely to convert into your loyal subscribers and buyers.

Our team of digital marketing experts has thought about a handful of perks you can enjoy by designing a powerful landing page that will help you accentuate the advantages of your products and its important features and productively resonate with your traffic in simple easy language, grabbing their attention and persuading them to make purchases.

1. Focus on call to action- This should be your main mantra when creating a winning landing page. Your call to action plan should revolve around what you want your visitors to do, whether you want them to subscribe to your newsletters, watch videos, sign up for emails, or shop from your platform. Don’t get your potential customers perplexed with other requests instead clearly focus on your CTA.

a) Rather than making your content sound demanding, try keeping it humble.

b) Use arrows or images which help your visitors know where to click.

c) Highlight only a single call to action for creating the best page.

2. Minimalism is the key- Put in all the essential information to boost your visiting crowd to convert. Don’t put anything extra and fancy that might divert them. Avoid pop-ups. Steer clear of unnecessary content. Design your landing page in a clean and attractive manner. The video landing pages are another great option to persuade your visitors to convert without getting bemused by text.

3. Eye on Offers- Fascinating offers are known to draw visitors into converting easily. Try giving out coupons, discounts, free trials of the product, a free version of the product in exchange for abiding by your call to action. Put your offers on your landing page with a deadline to generate a feeling of urgency so that they understand what they are missing out and take quick action.

4. Focus on less customer information- Longer registration forms can steal your visitors away from you.  The shorter the registration form the higher is your rate of conversion. Ask for bare minimum information to keep their interest ignited.

5. Suitable to be viewed on other devices- If your landing page is unresponsive and can’t be seen on the visitor’s phone or tablet, the conversion rate becomes zero. Use responsive design for your landing page that works across all devices to generate your leads. The colors, font-type and other designs also play an important role in garnering the interest of the visitors while clicking on CTA. Ensure that the headline is quirky and in plain language to pique the interest of your target audience compelling them to convert.

6. Optimize your landing page- People will use few keywords while searching for you and your product. Focus and think about what those keywords can be which your target audience can use while searching for you. Include those keywords in your page URL and the content on your webpage and landing page so that your organic rank improves in search engines. If people cannot find you and your service the conversion rate is likely to be zero.

7. Hero the key-features of your product- Every feature of your product will not be useful for all your audience they will only be interested in the one that gets their job done. Highlight the key features, benefits of your product and explain how these work for different people and reduce their miseries. Talk about your USP and what makes you different than your rival groups. Stress on these features at the top of your page.

8. Emphasize on your customers- Put some of your successful customers on your landing page. It instills trust factor amongst the visitors when they see real logos of companies doing real business with you. It increases the reliability and chances of conversion. You can also put reviews and testimonials which allow your visitors to gain more knowledge about the quality of your services and gives social validation.

9. Put the price- Most of the visitors even before buying your product and availing your services are interested in knowing whether it lies in their estimated budget or not. This is the most important factor responsible for conversions. So have a link on your landing page which lets your visitors check the prices for your products and come to a decision.

Creating a flawless landing page takes time, but with these tips, you can start building one that is efficient and learn over time about what is working for you and what is not by testing and tracking the results of your landing page. And if you ever need any assistance for any of your digital marketing concerns Digitalabs with its many years of expertise can help make business less hectic for you.

Agam Chaudhary, a digital marketing consultant with a comprehensive experience of a decade in the marketing domain, cultivates an extensive vision of marketing. He fosters a firm belief in tangible results and his experience, intuitiveness, and expertise help him score the results he aims for- bridging the gap between digital marketing and business enterprises to bring about mutual success! He has worked for several preeminent brands like LG, Religare, HT, FICCI, and MacMillan, among many others. Contact him at


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